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Theme song
Mr. McStuffins: OK, campers. Who loves the great outdoors?
Doc: I do!
Donny: Me, too!
Mr. McStuffins: We need a good place to camp for the night.
Doc: What about right here?
Mr. McStuffins: Good eye, Doc. I'll put up the tent. [Grunts] Whoa!
Doc: Hee hee! Um, need any help, dad?
Mr. McStuffins: Nope. Got it. I think. But, Doc, maybe you can gather some sticks to start the campfire.
Doc: OK.
Mr. McStuffins: You know the drill. Just stay where I can see you, don't touch anything creepy or crawly, and call me if you need help.
Doc: You got it!
Mr. McStuffins: Well, this looks-- Ohh.
Doc: Um, dad? Call me if you need any help.
[Mr. McStuffins chuckles]
Donny: Here, Doc. Take Robot Ray with you. If you get in trouble...
Doc and Donny: Robot Ray will save the day!
Doc: Thanks, Donny. I'll take good care of him.
Mr. McStuffins: Uh, Donny? Heh heh. I need a little help after all.
Doc: Oh, dad.
Donny: Donny to the rescue!
[Stethoscope goes off]
Lambie: Hi, there!
Stuffy: Hiya, Doc!
Doc: OK, toys. Who's ready to help me find sticks for the campfire?
Stuffy: Sounds good!
Lambie: Me! Me, me! I'm ready for anything in the woods. I'm wearing my brand-new scarf just for this occasion!
Doc: Ooh! It's perfect on you, Lambie!
Stuffy: It's a well-known fact that dragons love the woods! Ahh. The fresh air. The trees. The spiders. Aah! Spider! No one told me the woods would have spiders!
Doc: Spiders, worms, and all kinds of animals.
Stuffy: [Gasp] Animals? You mean, wild beasts?
Robot Ray: Do not fear. Robot Ray will scare away any wild beasts.
[Lambie gasps]
Robot Ray: Halt! Who goes there?
Lambie: Um, excuuuuse me?
Robot Ray: Mmm. My apologies, woolly friend.
Lambie: Aah! Apology accepted! How about a cuddle?
Robot Ray: Commencing hug sequence.
[Doc chuckles]
Lambie: Ahh.
Robot Ray: Mmm.
Doc: Robot Ray, thanks for looking after us, but we're on a camping trip. Just enjoy it!
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Hey, hey, camping's great ♪
♪ We just love the outdoors ♪
♪ Skipping stones on a lake ♪
♪ Marshmallow s'more, s'mores ♪
♪ In the wild, round the fire ♪
♪ Telling ghost stories and- ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Counting fireflies ♪
♪ We'll sleep under the stars ♪
♪ Who's got the guitar? ♪
♪ We're singing songs arm in arm ♪
[Robot Ray]
♪ Camping makes me smile ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Robot Ray]
♪ Hey, hey, camping's great! ♪
♪ We just love the outdoors ♪
♪ Skipping stones on a lake ♪
♪ Marshmallow s'more, s'mores ♪
♪ Hear the breeze in the trees ♪
♪ Isn't it great to be ♪
♪ Out here in the wild? ♪
[Robot Ray]
♪ Camping makes me smile ♪
Doc: Come on! Let's get those sticks. It'a gonna be dinnertime soon.
Robot Ray: Aah! Mayday, mayday!
Doc, Stuffy and Lambie: Robot Ray!
Robot Ray: Uh-oh. Danger. Mayday a...gain!
Stuffy: I got him! I got him! I--ooh. Don't got him. Sorry, buddy.
Doc: Oh, no. Are you OK?
Robot Ray: Hmm. Good question, Doc. Commencing systems check. Ddnnn ddnnn ddnnn. Affirmative! Robot Ray seems to be working. Something is wrong. Malfunction!
Lambie: Oh, no. What do we do, Doc?
Doc: Hmm. I've seen this before. Robot Ray's sticky launcher is broken. He must have Sticky-Launcher-itis!
Robot Ray: Can you fix it, Doc?
Stuffy: Can she fix it? She's the great Doc McStuffins. Of course she can fix it! Right, Doc?
Doc: Actually, I can't fix it right now. We're in the middle of the woods, and the paste I need to fix Ray's arm is back in the clinic! I'm sorry, Robot Ray.
Lambie: Oh, poor Robot Ray!
Robot Ray: [Sighs] I'll never rescue again!
Doc: No, no. I just can't fix him right now! See, I may not have my doctor's bag, but I do have my first-aid kit!
Stuffy: Oh, well, why didn't you say so? So what's a first-aid kit again?
Doc: Well, when someone's hurt and can't get to a hospital quickly, we can use first-aid to make them feel better. That's why I always take a first aid-kit with me when we go away!
Stuffy: Wait a second, Doc. You're saying a doctor can help a boo-boo with just this little bitty kit.
Doc: Yup! And not just doctors. Anyone who learns how can use first-aid!
Lambie: Hmm. What's in it? Oh, I see! Huh. It's got, uh, bandages, tweezers--ooh--and cottony wrap.
Doc: That's right! And we can use the stuff we find around us, too.
Robot Ray: Please begin first-aid sequence. Robot Ray is feeling strange.
Doc: Don't worry, Ray. I think you might just be a bit nervous! The first part of first-aid is calming your patient. Try to think of something that makes you happy. It'll take your mind off you arm.
Robot Ray: Well, rescuing makes me happy.
Chilly: Aah!
Robot Ray: Stay away from my friend, fur-beast!
Robot Ray: Wow! That was a happy thought!
Doc: See that? You're starting to calm down. Now, Stuffy, I need you to find a stick about as long as Ray's arm?
Stuffy: On it! [Panting] Huh? [Panting] One sec. [Groaning] OK. Two secs. Coming right up. [Lambie pats him] What? [Lambie gives him a small stick] Oh. Thank you. Here I come! And I found the perfect stick!
Lambie: Ahem!
Stuffy: What? Oh, and by I, uh, I mean--heh heh heh--I couldn't have done it without Lambie.
Doc: Great work, you guys. Now I need you to hold it up against Ray's arm.
Lambie: Sure! What's it for, Doc?
Doc: We're making a something called a splint. It'll hold Ray's arm still till we get him back to the clinic. Now who's got the first-aid kit?
Lambie: I have it, Doc!
Doc: Thanks, Lambie. There should be some white bandages in there. Can you find them for me?
Lambie: Oh, here they are! Mmm. Soft like me!
Doc: Now, Ray, Stuffy and I are gonna hold the splint while Lambie wraps this bandage around your arm. Tell us if it's too tight, OK?
Robot Ray: Affirmative!
Doc: Here we go! OK, Robot Ray. Your splint is secure. How does it feel?
Robot Ray: Not too tight. It fits just right!
Doc: That's what I like to hear!
Robot Ray: Malfunction. Arm is heavy! Can't lift it up.
Doc: Oh. I know what Ray needs! Lambie, can I burrow your scarf?
Lambie: Yeah. Um, Doc? Is this really the best time for a fashion show?
Doc: No. I need it for Robot Ray.
Lambie: Oh. Heh heh. Well, anything to help a friend!
Doc: This is a sling! I'll hold Ray's arm up so he doesn't have to do it himself. Try it out, Ray.
Robot Ray: Success! My arm is secure.
Doc: And tomorrow when we're at my clinic, I'll fix you for good.
Donny: Doc! Hey, Doc!
Doc: Here comes Donny. Toys, go stuffed!
Donny: Dad finally set up the tent! Now he's ready to start the campfire.
Doc: Um, Donny, I have some bad news. Robot Ray got birdnapped by a bluebird! He fell out of a tree and broke his arm.
Donny: What?! Poor Robot Ray!
Doc: I fixed him as best I could for now, but I'll paste his arm when we get home. I'm sorry Ray got hurt.
Donny: It's OK. I know you can fix him!
Mr. McStuffins: Doc, Donny! I'm gonna cook dinner, and then we'll roast marshmallows.
Doc: Marshmallows?
Donny: Awesome! We're bringing the sticks!
Robot Ray: Doc, are you sure my arm will be all better someday?
Doc: [Robot voice] Affirmative!
[Toys laughing]
Doc: Now let's go.
Doc: Almost done, Robot Ray! Just hold still for one minute longer.
Robot Ray: I will be still as a moon rock!
Hallie: Ooh, you poor little dear! I'm as pleased as a Junebug that you're home with us, but I'm really glad Doc had a first-aid kit with her!
Lambie: And that's why everyone should keep a first-aid kit handy. Even lambs!
Stuffy: And dragons! Right, Doc?
Doc: Right! OK, Ray. The paste is dry. Go ahead and test out your arm.
Robot Ray: Here goes. I hope this works. It's--it's all better!
[Robot Ray]
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ Didn't feel so good till you fixed me ♪
♪ Like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better, so much better now ♪
Robot Ray: Robot Ray can save the day again!
Stuffy: Aw, nobody needs any rescuing here.
Robot Ray: Caution! Another flying blue beast!
Stuffy: Oh, no. Ray, that's just a cute, little birdie!
Robot Ray: Rescue sequence go!
Stuffy: Uh-oh. Aah! Whoa!
Lambie: You saved Stuffy! You're our hero!
Robot Ray: It was nothing. Doc McStuffins, you're the real hero! Aww!