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Theme song
Doc: Hee hee!
Emmie: So do you like this one?
[Doc and Emmie laugh]
Emmie: Or this one?
Doc: Definitely the tiara.
Emmie: Perfect.
Doc: [Chuckles] We need more dolls to dress up.
[toy squeaks]
Emmie: Ooh! A jack-in-the-box.
Doc: Yeah, that's Big Jack. Watch.
["Pop Goes the Weasel" playing]
Emmie: Aah!
[Doc and Emmie laugh]
Doc: It popped! And I was all like, "aah!" and you were like, "aah!"
Doc: I know! [Both she and Emmie chuckle] And this is Little Jack.
Emmie: Make him pop up! Make him pop up!
Doc: OK. Ready? He's...
[Winds Little Jack's crank but he doesn't pop up]
Emmie: Aw. I wanted him to pop up.
Doc: Hmm, that's weird. He usually pops just like Big Jack.
[knock on door]
Dr. McStuffins: Hi, girls.
Doc: Hi, mom!
Emmie: Hi.
Dr. McStuffins: Emmie, I just saw your mom outside. Time for you to go home for dinner.
Emmie: OK, thanks! Bye.
Doc: Bye, Emmie.
Doc: How was work, mom? Did you have any cool patients?
Dr. McStuffins: Nothing too interesting. Just a few colds--oh! And a sprained finger. How was your day?
Doc: Good. I have a really interesting patient.
Dr. McStuffins: Ooh! If you need a second opinion, you know where to find me.
Doc: [chuckling] OK! Thanks, mom. I'm going out back, OK?
Dr. McStuffins: Sure. I'll call you for dinner. [sniffs] Mmm. Whatever your dad is making smells delish!
Doc: The Doc is in.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Hallie: Ha ha!
Stuffy: A tiara? Really? May I remind you I am a dragon. Dragons and tiaras don't go together. It's a big no-no.
Lambie: But tiaras and lambs are a big yes-yes.
Doc: OK, guys, time to get to work. We have a new patient.
Lambie, Hallie and Chilly: Ooh!
Stuffy: Come on out, Jack. Aah!
Chilly: Ooh!
Big Jack: Ha ha! Big Jack's the name. Popping's my game. And here's...
Little Jack: [Groaning]
Big Jack: Ha ha! Little Jack. You OK, Little "J"? You're not quite popping like yourself today.
Little Jack: I know! I'm trying to make a big entrance, like you always taught me. But I can't pop the way I usually do.
Big Jack: That's why you're here to see the doc, my boy. She's gonna figure out what's wrong with you. He's gonna be OK, right, Doc? You can fix him, can't you?
Stuffy: Don't worry, Big Jack. Little Jack's in good hands. Oh! Ha ha. Not my hand, Doc's!
Doc: Hi, Little Jack.
Little Jack: Hi, Doc.
Doc: I want to help you so you can pop up like you used to. Why don't I give you a checkup?
Little Jack: [Gasps and goes back in his box]
Stuffy: Maybe the little guy has stage fright.
Lambie: Hmm. I think maybe he's afraid to get a checkup.
Big Jack: Are you, Little Jack?
Little Jack: I've never had one before.
Doc: It's OK. Everyone gets a little scared.
Chilly: Some of us get a lot scared--ha--like me. I'm talking about me.
Doc: But I promise it won't hurt. In fact, I'm here to help you feel better.
♪ Hey, Little Jack, I'll get you on track ♪
♪ There's nothing to fear ♪
♪ Your Dad is right here ♪
Big Jack: Hi, son!
♪ Get ready to wind up and spring ♪
♪ Popped and had to stop ♪
♪ I can fix anything ♪
♪ Pop up, Pop high ♪
♪ I know you feel a little shy ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Let her take a look and see ♪
♪ Why your spring is stuck-ity ♪
♪ I'll check this, check that ♪
♪ Let's get your pop back ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ No need to be afraid ♪
♪ Doc does this every day ♪
♪ Take it from me ♪
♪ You're gonna see ♪
♪ How much higher your ♪
[Doc and Lambie]
♪ Pop can be, so ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Pop up, pop out ♪
♪ Doc will make it better right now ♪
Big Jack: So you ready for your checkup, Little "J"?
Little Jack: I don't know. Are y-you gonna come with me?
Big Jack: Are you kidding? You can't get rid of me, kid.
Lambie: I'll be there if you need a cuddle.
Hallie: I'll be there, too!
Chilly: Don't worry.
Stuffy: I'm in!
Doc: Great. Come on back, everybody.
[Little Jack gasps and goes back in box]
Doc: Hmm. Hey, Little Jack, want to pick out a sticker that you can put on your box when you're done?
Little Jack: Wait. What?! Stickers? I love stickers.
Stuffy: Me, too!
[Big Jack and Little Jack laughing]
Little Jack: I want that one.
Stuffy: You got it. Uh! As soon as I can get it! Wh-wh-whoa! Uh-oh. Oof!
Doc: Ha ha! Oh, Stuffy!
Lambie and Chilly: Ha ha!
Doc: OK, Little Jack... let's figure out what happened to your pop.
Little Jack: What is all this stuff?
Lambie: These are Doc's instruments.
Doc: I use them to see how your body is doing. Then I can figure out how to help.
Lambie: What are you gonna do, Doc?
Doc: Maybe if Little Jack can see what these instruments do, he won't be so afraid.
Big Jack: Hey. I can use these in my act. Zip--ooh--ah--oh. Where'd it go?
Little Jack: Wow! Look at my pop go.
Big Jack: Ta-da!
[Doc and toys chuckling]
Doc: I know! Why don't I give Big Jack a checkup first so you can see what I'm gonna do?
Big Jack: Ready when you are, Doc!
Doc: This won't hurt a bit.
Little Jack: Hey! That's blowing up like a balloon.
Doc: Pretty cool, huh?
Big Jack: Ha ha ha!
Doc: Looks good. Now I'll use this light to look in his eyes and ears.
Big Jack: What do you see, Doc?
Doc: Wow!
[Bird call]
Doc: There's a little birdie in there.
Doc: Hey, little birdie.
[Stuffy doing a bird call]
[Stuffy and Little Jack laughing]
Doc: OK, Big Jack, open wide.
Big Jack: Ahh!
Doc: Well, Big Jack, that's it. You look healthy to me. It's your turn, Little Jack.
Big Jack: How about it, Little "J"? You ready for your checkup? There's nothing to it.
Little Jack: I am! I'm ready.
Doc: OK. Let's take a look inside and see if we can figure out why you're not popping.
Little Jack: What do you see, Doc?
Doc: I see a chicken.
Little Jack: [Chuckling]
Doc: That can't be right. Oh! I see. It's a giraffe.
Little Jack: Hee hee!
Doc: Wait a minute! It's not a giraffe. It's an elephant.
Stuffy: [Aroo]
Little Jack: Ha ha. Doc?
Big Jack: I told you, kid. Everyone's a comedian these days.
Doc: Oh. I see the problem.
Little Jack: [Gasp] What is it?
Doc: Your clothes are stuck in your music box. That's why you can't pop up. I have a diagnosis. This looks to me like a clear case of Can't-Pop-itis.
Chilly: Oh, no! Not Can't-Pop-itis. Can I get it? Is it contagious? Ooh! It sounds contagious.
Doc: Chilly, if you don't have anything on you that pops, how can you get Can't-Pop-itis?
Chilly: Oh, good point, Doc. Whew! That was a close one.
Hallie: Sounds like we have something new to put in our "big big of boo-boos."
Doc: Let's see. Can't-Pop-itis. There!
Squeakers: [Squeaks]
Doc: Now we just have to get you unstuck and you'll be back to popping, like your pop. Almost got it.
[Stuffy screams]
Little Jack: I did it! I can pop up again!
Big Jack: Ah, Doc, how can I ever thank you?
Doc: Glad I could help.
Little Jack: Thanks, Doc. I was scared, but when I saw you give my pop a checkup, I knew I could do it.
Doc: Nothing to it.
Big Jack: That's my boy. Let's take it from the top.
["Pop Goes the Weasel" playing]
Stuffy: Aah!
Doc: Great.
[Little Jack]
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ Didn't feel so good till ♪
♪ You fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better ♪
♪ So much better now ♪
Little Jack: I guess a checkup isn't so bad. Thanks for helping me get my pop back, Doc!
Doc: Hee hee! Oh, wait! I almost forgot about the stickers.
Stuffy: Wait, wait! Almost! Got it!
Little Jack: Thanks, Stuffy and Lambie.
Big Jack: I'm so proud of you, son. You're a real chip off the old box.
Little Jack: Uh! Ooh! Mm!
[Honk honk]
Little Jack: Boy! It's great to make folks laugh like a real clown again. You know, Doc, there is someone I owe a good show to.
[knock on door]
Emmie: Hey, Doc, I'm done with dinner and my mom said I could play.
Doc: Great! 'Cause I have something to show you.
Emmie: But that jack-in-the-box doesn't work, remember?
Doc: Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot.
["Pop Goes the Weasel" playing]
Emmie: Aah! You fixed it! Ha ha! Do it again! Do it again! [Laughing, then screams]
Doc: I fixed it, I fixed it. Did I surprise you?
[Both Doc and Emmie laugh]