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When Chilly thinks there's a ghost in Baby Land, the gang tries to convince him otherwise. They eventually discover the 'ghost' is actually a rambunctious baby that can't sleep!



Chilly: You know, Baby Land is kind of scary at night.
Doc: Chilly, we're all here together and the night lights are on. It's gonna be fine.
Chilly: Aah! You guys, did anybody else see that?
Doc: What happened, Chilly.
Chilly: I think there's a g-g-ghost.
Lambie: Chilly, don't be silly. There are no ghosts in Baby Land.
Chilly: Did nobody else here that? I heard it and I don't even have ears.
Hallie: That was nothing sugar.
Lambie: Yeah, probably just the wind.
Chilly: So there aren't any ghosts in Baby Land after all. Oh, that's a relief. I'll take her back to her crib now.
Stuffy: You're not scared to go by yourself?
Chilly: Scared of Baby Land? Me? No, way. It's the least scary place we've ever been. Well, except for the diapers. I still don't like those things.