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Penny is a stuffed possum with patches on her back to hold her babies, Pip, Flip and Trip.


Physical Appearance[]

Penny is a gray possum with darker gray patches on her back, a dark gray forehead and a light gray belly. She has blue eyes, a pink tail, a black nose and grayish-white muzzle.

Role in the series[]

She is a loving mother to her babies, Pip, Flip and Trip. They appeared in the episode "Awesome Possums", while Doc and her friends were painting a picture for them, and when Penny woke up from her nap, she realized she had lost Pip. Doc, Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly go downstairs to find him, bumping into Donny and Dr. McStuffins along the way. In the living room, Stuffy roars to call Pip, and Doc finds him in the floor lamp and the gang bring him back to Penny. Doc finds that one of the patches to hold Pip on Penny's back has fallen off and tells her how she wandered off from her mom at the shoe store. After singing a song about sticking with Penny, the babies learn their lesson and the gang show them their painting.


  • "The babies want to come on over and say hi to everyone."
  • "With three little ones running around all day, I could use a nap too."
  • "Pip is gone! When I woke up, he wasn't stuck to my back! And I don't see him anywhere."
  • "Oh, I was so worried about you. You can't run off like that. You're supposed to stick to me."


  • Her voice actress, Audrey Wasilewski, also voices characters such as Arlene in The Garfield Show, Tuck in My Life as a Teenage Robot, Barb in Sym-Bionic Titan, the Tavern Keeper in Over the Garden Wall, Kellen in Clarence, Mrs. Gloop in Tom and Jerry: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Laura in Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, Dr. Glover in Back at the Barnyard, Stealth Elf in Skylanders, and Ortensia the Cat in Epic Mickey.