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The Pet Rescue shorts are a completion of shorts based on the season 5 pet rescue storyline. In each short Doc and the toys work together to rescue a pet in need or in trouble. The shorts can be viewed online.

Shorts Original Air Date
Runaway Roller November 5, 2018
Billions of Bunnies November 5, 2018
A Cuckoo Case November 6, 2018
Make Way for the Ducklings November 6, 2018
Birdies of a Feather November 7, 2018
Dig It November 7, 2018
Shell You Later November 8, 2018
The Caterpillar Effect November 9, 2018
Chinchilla Spa Day November 10, 2018
Horsing Around November 11, 2018
Wipeout Whale February 4, 2019
Kitty Go Round February 5, 2019
Turbo Train February 6, 2019
Snow Globe Rescue February 7, 2019
Springing Leaks February 8, 2019

Runaway Roller[]

Billions of Bunnies[]

A Cuckoo Case[]

Make Way for the Ducklings[]

Birdies of a Feather[]

Dig It[]

Shell You Later[]

The Caterpillar Effect[]

Chinchilla Spa Day[]

Horsing Around[]

Wipeout Whale[]

Kitty Go Round[]

Turbo Train[]

Snow Globe Rescue[]

Springing Leaks[]