Doc McStuffins Wiki

Nikki: Whoa, Doc, what's that? That's not a pretty shiny coin.

Doc: It's a dollar bill. It's money made from paper.

Nikki: That's different.

Doc: It is. But it's still money.

Lambie: It may not be a coin, but it's light and soft like a twirly, swirly feather. See?

Nikki: That looks kind of fun, I guess. Uh, you know what? I think I'm just gonna stick to coins.

Stuffy: (About Doc's dollar bill) Oh, me, me. I'll guard it, Doc.

Doc: Okay, Stuffy. But you have to keep it somewhere safe.

Nikki: Being in charge of Doc's money is a really important job, Stuffy.

Stuffy: Don't worry. I'm gonna keep it right here in my pocket. Oh.

Chilly: Oh, Stuffy, your pockets are gone. Here, let me put it in my pocket. My pockets are gone too!

Stuffy and Chilly: Aaahhh!

Stuffy: Come to think of it, we never had any pockets.