Doc McStuffins Wiki

Lambie: Who wants to play Princess Quest?

Stuffy: I'll play. Only I don't need to be saved' 'Cause I'm a brave dragon.

Lambie: I'm ready to save the castle.

Stuffy: Save it? From who?

The Wicked King: From me, bwahahaha. You'll never get inside this castle, because I am protecting it with a magic spell.

The Wicked King: Got you, stuffed dragon.

Stuffy: Who you calling a stuffed dragon? Oh, wait, I am a stuffed dragon.

Lambie: Paulo. I have an idea. How about you go way out there and be our lookout. It's an important job. You can let us know if The Wicked King is up to any of his sneaky tricks. And out there you can pop all you want.

Stuffy: Huh? Wait a second, is it me, or does Paulo not look hurt anymore?

Lambie: He looks perfectly fine, now.

Pop-Up Paulo: Tricked you again.

Stuffy: Okay, that's just not right.

The Wicked King: Even I thought that was a naughty trick.