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"Pop Up" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 1 episode "Out of the Box". It is sung by Doc, Stuffy and Lambie to teach Little Jack that there is nothing to fear when going to a doctor and that he will soon get better.

Out of the Box 008

Doc McStuffins -- Don't be afraid of the doctor


<poem>Doc: Hey, Little Jack, I'll get you on track There's nothing to fear Your Dad is right here [Big Jack: Hi, son!] Get ready to wind up and spring I can fix anything

Pop up, Pop high I know you feel a little shy

Stuffy and Lambie: Let her take a look and see Why your spring is stuck-ity

Doc: I'll check this, check that Let's get your pop back

Stuffy and Lambie: No need to be afraid Doc does this every day

Doc: Take it from me You're gonna see How much higher your

Doc and Lambie: Pop can be, so

All: Pop up, pop out Doc will make it better right now