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Professor Hootsburgh or "Hootsie" was once Tisha's toy until she gave her to Doc. Hootsie wears a graduation hat as if she is a scholar or a school professor as Hootsie loves to read books for Doc's toys. Whenever Hootsie freaks out, she calls it the case of the "hoots".



Professor is a very smart owl who loves to read and tell other toys important information. She is also caring towards the other toys, especially the baby toys that she looks after in Maya's room.

Physical Appearance

Professor Hootsburg is a pink, feathered owl with magenta-colored wings and ears, a yellow beak, a white-pinkish tummy and wears a graduation hat.

Role in the series

She used to belong to Tisha, Doc and Donny's big cousin, but Tisha gave her to Doc in the episode "Through the Reading Glasses". Doc introduces her to the other toys and Professor Hootsburgh decides to read them Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Stuffy gets out the book and accidentally lands on her. But she can't make out the words, so Doc takes her to the clinic for a check-up. Stuffy miserably thinks he must have hurt Professor Hootsburgh, but Doc forgives him. She calls her diagnosis 'glasses-gone itis' and realizes that Stuffy didn't hurt her after all, or she forgot how to read; she just forgot her glasses. Professor Hootsburgh had left her glasses at Tisha's house, so Doc and her friends find her a new pair of glasses. The perfect pair of glasses works when Professor takes one more test for the eye chart. At the end of the episode, Professor Hootsburgh reads everyone "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", though Stuffy keeps interrupting frequently.


  • "I have lots of smarts stored in this brain of mine."
  • "How would you like it if I read you a story? I used to read to all the other toys when I was Tisha's toy."
  • "I love to read. Without books, I may as well just fly the coop."
  • "My head is my favorite place to keep my brains."
  • "Maybe I need to get my glasses checked."