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"Professor Pancake" is the first segment of the thirty-sixth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 22, 2013.


When Doc finds Professor Hootsburgh trapped and flattened under her toy box, she prescribes jumping jacks and other exercises to get her stuffing back into shape.


The toys and Doc are playing a pretend camping trip in Doc's bedroom until it's time for Doc to go to bed. But Bronty can't sleep, Doc decides to get Professor Hootsburgh so she can read them a bedtime story. But when Doc goes to get her, she can't find the professor anywhere. As Doc and the toys look for her, Bronty finds something sticking out from under the toybox.

Doc fears that Professor Hootsburgh is trapped so Stuffy goes in to save her. When Professor Hootsburgh is saved they find out that when Doc and her mother were cleaning the room Professor Hootsburgh fell off the shelf and the toybox was put right on top of her. Now she is flat as a pancake as Hootsburg fears that she will never be back to normal.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Stuffy: Brave dragons love camping out--even if it's just in Doc's room.

Lambie: My favorite way to end the day is all cuddled up on Doc's pillow.

Stuffy: (about Bronty) Well, if he can't sleep, I can't sleep.
Lambie: Why not?
Stuffy: 'Cause he's stepping on my tail!

Stuffy: Professor Hootsburgh! Are you okay?
Professor Hootsburgh: I think so. Ooh--whoo! (Falls over) Uh, well, mostly okay, anyway.

Professor Hootsburgh: The elephant and the spaghetti.
Stuffy: I love this story! My favorite part is the elephant! No, wait, maybe... it's the part about the spaghetti. Elephant...spaghetti, spaghetti elephant. Mmm.
Professor Hootsburgh: (Clears throat) If you don't mind.
Stuffy: Oh, right. Sorry. Go ahead.

Stuffy: (about Professor Hootsburgh) Do we blow her up like a balloon? (Makes blowing noises)
Doc: Stuffy! That's not how it works.
Stuffy: Pop! Aah! (Falls over and everyone looks at him) My imaginary balloon popped.