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Theme song
Doc: And Stuffy takes the shot! And he scores! I'm the greatest! [Giggles]
Donny: OK, OK, let's just see what Chilly can do! He shoots and he-- Oops!
Doc: [Giggles] Chilly's not going to like being being up there. Uhhh! Ahhh.
Dr. McStuffins: Donny, Luca's here!
Luca: Hey, Donny!
Donny: Luca! Wow! You brought your rescue helicopter? That thing is awesome. Hey, maybe we can use the helicopter to rescue Chilly!
Doc: Wow. That's a great idea.
Luca: Ha ha. Cool. I'll do it!
Donny: It was my idea. I want to fly it.
Luca: Yeah, but, it's my helicopter.
Donny: Let's fly it together.
Luca: Yeah!
Donny: There it goes.
Luca: Come on, Donny, let me fly it. No, turn it that way.
Donny: Turn this way.
Luca: No! This way.
Doc: Guys! Chilly's that way!
Luca: Ah, she's gonna crash! Oh, no!
Doc: I got it. It's OK. Now, can one of you fly it up to Chilly?
Donny: It's not working!
Luca: What?! No! Aw, and the rescue basket fell off. Ow!
Doc: Are you OK?
Luca: My hand hurts. Aw, man! First my helicopter breaks, and now this?
Donny: Come on, let's go get my mom. She's a doctor.
Doc: And I'll see if I can fix your helicopter, OK?
Luca: OK.
[Stethoscope goes off]
[Stuffy and Lambie giggle]
Chilly: [Giggling] Huh? Oh!
Doc: Hi, everyone! Chilly, I'm--
Chilly: Ooh, Doc! Get me down! I'm scared of heights!
Doc: I know. I--I just, I can't reach you.
Ronda: Stand back, ma'am. I'm Rescue Ronda. And if someone needs rescuing, I am the 'copter to do it!
Doc: Great! Oh, wait! There's something I have to tell you!
Ronda: Roger that, Doc, but it'll have to wait. Rescue Ronda cleared for takeoff.
Ronda: I--I can't fly!
Doc: That's what I needed to tell you. Your propellers...aren't working.
Ronda: But how can I do my job? Savin' folks is my favorite thing to do!
Doc: I get it. My favorite thing is helping toys.
Ronda: Then you do understand, Doc. I've never left a toy behind. Ever!
Doc: I've never left a toy behind either, and I'm not gonna start now!
♪ I love being a rescue pal ♪
♪ I love being the go-to gal ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Ronda]
♪ And we love lending a helping hand ♪
♪ 'Cause I'm yours when you need a friend ♪
♪ I'll be ready, I'll be brave ♪
♪ I'll go in for the big, big save ♪
♪ Makes me feel better knowing you're OK ♪
♪ And help me, Ronda, is all you gotta say ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Help me Ronda ♪
♪ I love being a rescue pal ♪
♪ I love being the go-to gal ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Ronda]
♪ And we love lending a helping hand ♪
♪ 'Cause I'm yours when you need a friend ♪
♪ Oh, yeah! ♪
♪ I'm yours when you need a friend! ♪
Chilly: Ahem. Excuse me. Love the song, but I just wanted to see when somebody's gonna get me down from here!
Stuffy: Stuffy to the rescue! [Grunting] Oh! Oh. Whoa. Uh, Doc, maybe you should take this one.
Doc: I'll be back for you as soon as I save Chilly. Doc McStuffins to the rescue! [Giggles] You're safe now.
Chilly: Oh, thanks, Doc! Oooh, I need a cuddle like I've never needed a cuddle before!
Lambie: Comin' right up. Oooh!
Chilly: Oooh!
Doc: Chilly, you're in good hands--
[Lambie giggles]
Doc: [Laughs] I mean paws, so I'm gonna go work on Rescue Ronda, kay?
[Lambie and Chilly giggle]
Chilly: Yeah.
Doc: I'm gonna look at you out here, so when I fix you, you can zoom right up and do a loopy-loop! Hallie! Can you bring my--
Hallie: You did want your doctor's bag, didn't you?
Doc: Yes, but how did you know that?
Hallie: Hippo-hunch.
Doc: First thing I'm going to do is listen to your engine.
[Engine beating]
Doc: Good. Now let's check your tail propeller.
Stuffy: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Rescue Ronda: Whoo, whoo-hoo-hoo!
Stuffy: Aaah! [Thud]
Doc: Yep, definitely working!
Lambie: [Gasps] Stuffy, are you OK?
Stuffy: Oh, yeah. I'm ready for takeoff. Ready for the--ah.
Doc: Ha ha. OK, Ronda, now I need to look at your main propellers, see if I can spin them.
Ronda: [Giggles] I'm ticklish, Doc!
Doc: Me, too! Watch this. [Laughs] See? I'm ticklish, too. But I do have to look at these, so just relax.
Rescue Ronda: [Inhales, exhales]
Doc: Ugh! Nope. They just won't spin. Hmm. Did anything weird happen to you today, Ronda?
Ronda: Can't say it did, Doc. 'Course, I did crash into that bush... But Luca is the one who takes good care of me.
Doc: Maybe he knows something that will help me diagnose you. You guys stay with Ronda. I'm gonna go see what Luca thinks. How's Luca?
Donny: He's got a splinter in his finger! Mom's gonna take it out.
Luca: Ow! That hurts!
Dr. McStuffins: Oh, I know, sweetie, but the sooner I can find that splinter and get it out, the sooner you'll feel better! Doc, will you go get a magnifying glass and some tweezers out of my doctor's bag?
Doc: I'm on it.
Dr. McStuffins: There it is! Doc, hold this.
Doc: Sure, mom. We doctors have to help each other out.
Dr. McStuffins: I'm going to pull it out now.
Luca: No, don't touch it! It's gonna hurt!
Dr. McStuffins: If you hold still, I promise I'll have that splinter out in no time.
Doc: It's true. My mom's the best splinter-puller I know. But you have to hold still. Right, mom?
Dr. McStuffins: That's right, Doc.
Luca: Oh...OK. But I don't want to watch!
Donny: I do!
Dr. McStuffins: And here we... Go. There! All done, Luca.
Doc: You can look now.
Luca: Wow! That feels so much better. Thanks, Dr. McStuffins.
Dr. McStuffins: You're welcome, Luca. Now, just be careful the next time you reach into a bush.
Doc: Hmm? You got the splinter from the same bush that Rescue Ronda was in. That's it!
Donny: That's what?
Stuffy: Yee-haw! Ride 'em cowboy! Just try to spin me off!
Ronda: OK!
Stuffy: Whoa! Ahh! Well, you didn't have to try that hard.
Lambie: Oh, look, Doc's back!
Doc: Oh, yeah. The doc is in! And I know what's wrong with Rescue Ronda! Hallie, I need my-- Magnifying glass. Let me guess. Hippo hunch?
Hallie: Oh, yessiree! A hippo always knows, Doc. A hippo always knows.
Doc: Just what I thought. I have a diagnosis! Ronda, you have Stuckpropatosis!
Ronda: Stuckpropawhatis?
Doc: "Big book of boo-boos"... Please. [Giggles] You have a little twig, like a splinter, stuck in your propellers. You must have gotten it when you flew into the bushes.
Ronda: Can you fix it?
Doc: I sure can!
Stuffy: Oh, let me see that. Hmm. Ah! Oh.
Doc: [Giggles] Hallie, maybe you should hold the magnifying glass for me.
Hallie: Good idea!
Doc: OK, Ronda, I'm going to get the splinter out.
Ronda: Ooh, I'm not used to being the one getting helped, Doc. Truth is, I'm a little bit...scared.
Doc: Just hold still.
Lambie: I promise, Doc is the best splinter-puller I know.
Ronda: OK, Doc, I'm ready to hold still. I know you're just trying to fix me!
Doc: Got it! Does that feel better, Rescue Ronda?
Ronda: [Laughs] Affirmative! Let's get these rotors a spin! We have lift-off!
[All cheering]
Doc: Oh, yeah!
♪ Doc McStuffins cures another toy! ♪
♪ Go me ♪
Stuffy: Oh.
Hallie: Uh-huh, all right!
Stuffy: Whoa! Help!
Hallie: [Gasps] Oh, my!
Stuffy: Whoa! Whoa!
Ronda: You can leave this rescue to me!
Stuffy: Ohh!
Doc: Great rescue, Ronda!
Ronda: Thanks, Doc. And thanks for rescuing me!
♪ I feel better ♪
♪ So much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ Didn't feel so good till you fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better, so much better now ♪
Stuffy: Can I get down now?
Ronda: Oh, my, yes, you can!
[Stuffy groaning]
Luca: You fixed her! You fixed my rescue helicopter!
Doc: Toys! Go stuffed. I sure did!
Luca: Awesome!
Donny: Thanks, Doc!
Luca: Thanks!
Doc: Just doing my job!
[Donny and Luca giggling]