Rescue in Space is a song from season 5 episode "Toys in Space sung by Doc,Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie. They sing this to Chilly because he is scared of being in outer space.



Chilly let go and fly with me oh yeah

There's fun to have and worlds to see

We're all right here

Stuffy, and Lambie':

Floating in zero gravity,oh yeah


My feet are where my head should be

Doc,Lambie,Stuffy, and Hallie,:

Chilly, you don't have feet

Doc, and Lambie

It's a great day to have an adventure

A great day to try something new

It's a great day for flying and floating

So have fun don't be afraid

Chilly,Doc, and Lambie:

lt's a great, great ,day for a cool rescue in space

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