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"Rest your Rotors, Ronda!" is the first segment of the eleventh episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 5, 2012.


Rescue Ronda learns the importance of resting when her propeller is broken and needs time to heal.


Doc, Donny and Luca are playing circus outside. They say it's a place where dragons leap through hoops, where Sir Kirby walks on tightrope and where Rescue Ronda passes through the balloons without popping them. Soon, Donny and Luca are told it's time for soccer practice, and Luca decides to leave Rescue Ronda with Doc. As soon as they leave Doc brings the toys to life and everyone greets Rescue Ronda.

Stuffy wants to show Rescue Ronda the circus trick they had been working on, but Buddy accidentally falls on the seesaw, and Stuffy ends up on the roof of the clinic. Ronda goes to save him, but ends up getting a crack in her rotor. Doc takes her to the clinic, and diagnoses her with "Roto Crack-A-Losis", meaning that Ronda has a cracked rotor. Doc repairs it by gluing it back together but tells Rescue Ronda that glue takes time to dry and she needs to be patient before she can rescue again. Stuffy decides to try the circus trick again, and this time does it successfully, but Sir Kirby ends up getting knocked off the table and soon he flies into the bushes. Rescue Ronda tries to rescue him but her propeller ends up having a crack in her rotor for second time. After saving Sir Kirby, Doc goes back to Rescue Ronda to once again glue her propeller back again, and she tells Ronda that when you're hurt you have to rest until you get better again, or else you'll hurt even more.

This time, Rescue Ronda decides to wait until Doc says it's alright to fly again. As she waits patiently Lambie decides to give her a yellow balloon to cheer her up, but the balloon takes off with her holding onto the string! Rescue Ronda realizes she can help with a rescue without flying, and tries to rescue her by orchestrating a rescue from the ground. She has Stuffy, Sir Kirby, Hallie, and Chilly grab a pillow, and carry the pillow under Lambie, and they prepare to catch her. Lambie lets go of the balloon, and they catch her. Lambie thanks Ronda, and Doc congratulates her for being able to rescue someone while still listening to her doctor's orders. She also tells her that it's been half an hour, and Ronda can try and fly again time, which she happily does. Luca and Donny return from soccer, and Luca is just glad that Doc was able to fix his helicopter after she tells him her rotor cracked, and Ronda takes to the skies once again.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Luca: Hey, Doc, I'm gonna leave my helicopter here. Don't let anything happen to it, OK?
Doc: You can trust me, Luca. I'm great with toys. You can ask any of them. (Luca looks at Doc) I mean, you know... if they could talk. Which they can't.
Sir Kirby: (After Doc takes the tomato off his head) My thanks, good Lady McStuffins. How embarrassing for a knight to be saved by a... (whispering) by a dragon.
Stuffy: Not to mention having his head stuck inside a tomato!
Sir. Kirby: Yes. That is embarrassing, as well.
Doc: Lambie, could you get Hallie and ask her to bring my...
Hallie: Doctor bag?
Doc: How do you do that, Hallie?
Hallie: Hippo sense!


  • Diagnosis: Roto Crack-A-Losis
  • This is the second episode to mention Hallie's hippo hunch/sense. The first was "Rescue Ronda, Ready for Takeoff!"
  • Luca is revealed to take soccer alongside Donny.
  • It's revealed that one time Doc hurt her foot and she couldn't play in the championship soccer game.
  • Goof:When Donny and Luca come back home, Donny has nothing in his hand, but in the next shot after the toys to go stuffed, Donny has a soccer ball in his hand.
  • Goof:Donny and Luca should've seen the toys moving around and heard Doc telling them to go stuffed as they were running towards them.