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"Ride, Ride the Ambulance" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 4 episode "Stuffy's Ambulance Ride". It is sung by Lambie, Chilly and Darla. In this song, Lambie, Chilly and Darla sing to Stuffy about how riding an ambulance can help you on the way to a hospital.

Darla, lambie and chilly


<poem> Darla: Don't go yourself when you need help In an emergency An ambulance is the safest way To get from Point A to B You can get a lift from me

Lambie, Chilly and Darla: Ride, ride the ambulance Travel quick with confidence The sirens say, “Get out of the way” We'll get you there fast and safe Stuff's set up for medical care

Darla: Until my vehicle gets you there

Lambie, Chilly and Darla: To the hospital, before you know The ambulance is the best way to go The best way to go