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Riggo is a Will's toy bulldozer who loves digging with his friend Buddy the Dump Truck.


Physical Appearance[]

Riggo is a green bulldozer with a yellow head, a blue front window, a gray bumper, back tires and yellow hubcaps.

Role in the series[]

Riggo appeared in the episode "Stuck Up". When Will found out his scoop is stuck, he gets Doc to take a look. In the playground castle, Riggo finds his scoop stuck too and admits he can't scoop sand with a stuck scoop. When Doc gets sand in her eye, she realizes Riggo has sand in his joints too. They wash the sand out with the fountain. Excitedly trying it out, Riggo accidentally knocks Stuffy over with sand, and Doc tells him to be careful with sand.


  • "We don't have time to yakkety yak. We got us a mountain to build."
  • "I'm gonna tell you something, Buddy. You're the best pal a truck like me could ever have."
  • "It really hurts when I try to move my scoop."
  • "I'm gonna be really careful from now on. But, listen, Doc, what about my Sandy Scoop Syndrome? Can you fix me?"
  • "Thanks a lot, Doc. And you wanna know something else? You're the greatest."


  • Riggo hasn't spoken since his debut episode "Stuck Up", due to his voice actor passing away.
    • This makes him the only character throughout the entire series who unfortunately lost his voice actor.
  • His voice actor, the late Dennis Farina, played characters in various shows and movies such as Jimmy Serrano in Midnight Run, Ray "Bones" Barboni in Get Shorty, Lieutenant Mike Torello in Crime Story, Detective Joe Fontana in Law & Order, Antoine in Tales From the Crypt, Wildcat in Justice League Unlimited, Frank Russo in The Looney Tunes Show, and Gus Demitriou in Luck.