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Riley (aka Nurse Riley) Is a female rhinoceros with a green complexion who is one of the nurses that runs the McStuffinsville hospital. Hallie once thought she was actually taking her place as the best nurse of the hospital but later knows deep down that she is always gonna be #1 and even becomes head nurse of the hospital. Riley is a minor character in Doc McStuffins and in The crazy life of the 20 (formerly 17) animal friends.


Doc, lambie, chilly and riley rhino

Riley’s full body appearence (with Doc and Lambie and Chilly present in this picture.)

Riley Appears as a rhinoceros with a green coat and purple ish horns nails, and cheeks. the inner parts of her ears are also a shade of purple. she wears a blue hospital scrub type outfit with a red one. sometimes she wears a blue bike cap with a red outline.


Riley is overall a good individual who loves to help and care for the others.

Role in Doc Mcstuffins/The crazy life of the 20 (formerly 17) animal friends[]

Riley only plays a minor role in Doc McStuffins, and in the TCLOTTAFs season 2 episode “Part-Time Job”, where Talking Ben gets sick and Hallie has to make the Tom and Ben News Studio temporialy renamed the “Tom and Hallie News” until ben returned. Hallie knew she still had to do her duties as nurse to help paitents out while doing the news. because of this, she asks Riley for some nursing assistance while she ran the news for the first few hours.