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Ronda is an electronic helicopter toy that works by using a remote control. She can pick up things and carry them as she flies around. If 'Rescue Ronda' can't perform a rescue herself, she'll direct others on how to help.



Rescue Ronda is named for her will and determination to save everyone and anyone in need of rescue. Even when she may be hurt, or cannot work right she'll try to do her best anyway. When she was told she wouldn't be able to rescue Chilly due to her injury she became upset but soon learned that Doc is just as dedicated to her patients as she is to those she rescues.

Ronda feels her best when she lends a helping hand in anyone in need of a rescue.

Physical Appearance[]

Rescue Ronda is an orange helicopter with a small spot of brown below her propellers. She has sky blue skis and light gray rotor propellers. The plastic bubble part over the passenger seats is clear blue, while the inside interior is dark with the seats being crimson red. Ronda has feminine blue-green eyes with many eyelashes, light colored blush on her cheeks and a silver-blue mouth.


  • "I'm Rescue Ronda. And if someone needs rescuing, I am the 'copter to do it!"
  • "Saving folks is my favorite thing to do!"
  • "I've never left a toy behind. Ever!"
  • "I'm ticklish, Doc!"
  • "This look like a job for Rescue Ronda."
  • "I'll be brave, Doc. A rescue helicopter always has to be brave!"
  • "Rescue Ronda to the rescue!"
  • "Never fear, Doc. This time, Rescue Ronda is gonna rest until you give me the A-OK."


  • Her name is a reference to the song "Help Me, Rhonda" by The Beach Boys.
  • In Seasons 1-4, Rescue Ronda was originally yellow. Starting in "First Responders to the Rescue", she's colored magenta.
  • Ronda and Rosie are the only characters to change their deigns in the series.


Ronda's Designs[]