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Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal is the second segment of the forty-third episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 8, 2014.


When Sal's spring breaks and she can no longer throw a lasso, Doc and friends help her realize there is more than one thing that makes her special.


Donny and his new friend Tamara play a game of hoedown in the living room as Tamara brings out a cowgirl (literally) named Southwest Sal as Tamara shows Donny Southwest Sal's lasso trick until it malfunctions as it's up to Doc to repair the Sal's cowgirl lasso as she worries that without her lasso, Sal feels that she can never do anything else.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Doc: That cow is so cute. Look at her little cowboy hat, and her boots.
Donny: She's a cowgirl, 'cause she's a cow and a girl.
Tamara: And she can throw the fastest lasso in the west.

Stuffy: I think this calls for a yee-haw. YEE...
Hallie: Maybe we should wait on the yee-haw until Sal's lasso is fixed.
Stuffy: But now I have a yee-haw inside that's just gotta come out.
Hallie: Well, hold it in!

Stuffy: Okay, I got to say it. Someone tell me I can say it.
Hallie: You can say it.
Stuffy: YEE-HAW!! Oh, that felt good.


  • Diagnosis: No-spring-oplexy
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Southwest Sal
  • Tamara almost found out about Doc's secret.