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"Royal Buddies" is the second segment of the one-hundred and second episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on October 7, 2016.


While exploring the Royal Lands, Sir Kirby loses his buddy and gets hurt.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Sir Kirby: This is our family coat of arms.
Chilly: Oh, a coat made of arms?!
Sir Kirby: No, no, Sir Chilly. This is a coat of arms. A special design that represents our family, so wherever we are, everyone knows we are the knights of the House of Kirby.

Chilly: Doc, am I made of plastic armor?
Doc: Just Sir Kirby's family, Chilly.
Lambie: You're made of cuddly plush, remember?
Chilly: Oh, yeah. Super cuddly.

Stuffy: I found it!
Lambie: Really? Let me see.
The Wicked King: That's a flapjack, dragon.
Stuffy: Oh. (Giggles) It is.
Lambie: Why is a flapjack in the forest? Very suspicious.
Stuffy: Eh, more for us. (Puts flapjack in his mouth only to immediately spit it out) Blah! Gah! It tastes like wood. That's why. (Stuffy spitting the taste out, while Lambie is giggling)

Lambie: (Gasps) I have an idea. (Goes on top of rocks) Help! Cute, adorable baa-llerina princess in trouble! Help!!
Stuffy: Uh, excuse me, but, is this really the right time to play Save the Princess?
Lambie: Sir Kirby always comes running for a princess in trouble, but he didn't come this time. Now I'm worried, Doc.
Doc: I know, Lambie. So am I.

The Wicked King: (About Sir Kirby) Oh, I don't want anything bad to happen to him. Perhaps I should not have left. Knight, I command you to return to your king at once.


  • Diagnoses: The Arm Poppies, The Deviated Buddy-ups