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Run Doc Run! is the second segment of the forty-first episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on February 14, 2014.


When Doc sprains her ankle while training for a father/daughter fun run, she learns that it's important to get adequate rest after an injury and passes this knowledge along to a toy with a broken leg.


It's another day as Doc comes near the clinic wearing her running clothes until while running with her father during a practice run for the family fun run, Doc trips and sprains her ankle before she fell on a toy unicorn named Dart as the toys learned that Doc is having trouble resting while helping Dart.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Chilly: I'm exhausted!
Lambie: But, Chilly, you haven't done anything yet.
Hallie: (blows whistle at Chilly) What in the wilting wallabies are you doin' down there?! This is Coach Hallie time! Get on your feet!
Chilly: Oh! May I point out--
Hallie: Even if you don't have 'em! There are no excuses in my work out!

Chilly: (Gasp) Oh, your mom's office! My happy place. So cozy...and cold. Did I mention cold? Why is it so cold?!
Lambie: Don't snowmen like the cold?
Chilly: Lambie, I'm not a real snowman!
Lambie: But I--you always--ah, never mind.

Dart: I'm Dart--a steed made for speed!
Stuffy: I love horses! Uh, you've got a little something on your head there.
Lambie: Oh, Stuffy. She's not a horse, she's a unicorn!
Stuffy: Oh... (Chuckles) Yeah, I knew that.

Doc: Guys, help me get Dart to the clinic.
Stuffy: I'd be happy to fly Dart there.
Dart: You can fly?
Stuffy: Well, not exactly. My wings are more decorative, so I look good. But I can flap them while I carry you.

Hallie: Dottie McStuffins, I wanna see you off your feet!
Doc: Hallie, I--
Hallie: (Blows whistle) Tsk, tsk. Less talking, and more sitting, Doc.
Stuffy: Oh, you're in trouble! (Hallie blows whistle at him) Oh, now I'm in trouble. Being quiet now.

Doc: I think we're gonna need an x-ray.
Stuffy: An x-ray! That's what I was gonna say. Um, what's an x-ray again?
Doc: It's a machine that can take a picture of the inside of your body. For a kid, it can see your bones.