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Saltwater Serge is an old sea-diving toy of French nationality who works in ocean conservation. His sidekick is Wellington Whale, and they share a close bond with one another as both colleagues and as friends. He initially belonged to Marcus, Doc's father, when he was a child and was considered his favourite toy. He's confident in his abilities, but has a self-concious (perhaps envious?) side as seen in the episode Mind Over Matter, although his subsequent diagnosis seems to be a "straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back" situation as he lamented his worries to Wellington before approaching Doc.

Serge is noted to be one of a small group of toys who are averse to cuddles from Lambie, although he accepts after Wellington Whale's successful Button-Replacement Surgery during his introductory episode, Dad's Favorite Toy.


Saltwater Serge, being a diver, is outfitted in Scuba gear. Specifically, his outfit consists of red gloves, scuba goggles and a breathing apparatus loosely fitted around his neck attached to an oxygen tank, along with a pastel blue wetsuit with yellow accents. On account of his advanced age (for toy standards, anyway), the paint job on his outfit is flaking in certain places to reveal the metallic grey underneath.


(French Accent) "Always in motion to save ze ocean!"


  • He is potentially based on the famous french ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau.