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"Say it Again, Sadie" is the first segment of the seventy-ninth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 20, 2015.


When Emmie's new talking toy Sadie won't talk, Doc gives her a check-up and realizes that the other toys must first talk to her so that she can increase her vocabulary.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Emmie: Doc! I got a new toy. Her name is, "Say It Sadie" get this she talks!
Doc:  (Gasps) You hear it? Can you hear it? Oh this big!

Doc: (About Sadie) Want me to give her a checkup? I'm kinda good at getting toys to talk.
Emmie: Oh, that'd be great. Thanks, Doc.

Chilly: Don't be scared, Sadie. Checkups are the best. The stethoscope feels so cool on your plush. Oh, and the light from the otoscope... divine!
Sadie: Squawk!
Chilly: She's comin' around. I might have a career as a toy whisperer. (Sadie jumps away from Chilly and he falls) I think maybe I'll stick to just being a snowman who loves checkups.

Lambie: (To Sadie) You need a cuddle, and I won't take no for an answer.
Stuffy: She can't say no.
Lambie: Oh, right. Um, well, you don't need words to cuddle. (Gives Sadie a cuddle and she gives a happy squawk) See? That was easy to understand.

Stuffy: I got Sadie to say her first word.
Lambie: Yeah, I don't think "guh-guh-gah" is actually a word.
Stuffy: Well, not in this language. Or any other language we know about. But somewhere, guh-guh-gah is most definitely, probably, maybe, a word. I'll bet it's the word for the freeze brain you get when you slurp a cup of frozen slush. (Everyone looks at him)
Doc: Very interesting theory, Stuffy.

Professor Hootsburgh: Someone gets to teach you new words. I shall take you beneath my wings.
Stuffy: And my wings.
Lambie: I can help.
Hallie: This hippo knows a thing or two.
Doc: Sadie needs all of our help.
Sadie: Sadie needs all help.
Doc: Babies who have families that talk to them learn to speak much faster.


  • Diagnosis: Squawky No-Talkie Syndrome
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Sadie
  • This is the third episode where Stuffy dresses up as a pirate. The first two were "All Washed Up" and "Boo-Hoo to You!".
  • Doc almost revealed her secret to Emmie because of her toy 'Talking' until she mentioned the computer chip part.
  • This episode along with "Mind Over Matter" is the 17th Season 3 episode in production order.