Selfless Snowman
Season 3, Episode 21B
Selfless Snowman
Air date March 4, 2016
Written by Cate Lieuwen
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"Selfless Snowman" is the second segment of the eighty-fourth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 4, 2016.


Doc and the toys hold a stuffing drive for a toy in need of a rare “cotton ball white” fluff.




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Stuffy: (About the stuffing in jars) It looks like we're running a little low on some of these. (Picks three jars up) Uh-oh! (Trips, catches all of them and laughs) You know, something's telling me to let Hallie handle these.
Hallie: That something would be me. Hand them over.

Doc: A stuffing drive is something you organize to get stuffing donations for plush toys.
Hallie: That's one bright and brilliant idea, Doc. That way, we'll always have enough, in case of emergencies.
Doc: It's kind of like a blood drive, but for toys. At mom's clinic, grownups donate blood. But since you're toys, you'll donate stuffing.

Stuffy: Stuffing's my middle name. Actually, it's more like my first name. My middle name is Philbert, but close enough.

Doc: You're not a plush toy, Squeakers, so you don't have any stuffing to donate. But thanks anyway.

Doc: Everyone's stuffing is important, Stuffy. You all just have different types.
Lambie: Like my special cuddly wool stuffing. Some cuddly plush toy might need my type one day.


  • Diagnosis: Stuffing-nemea
  • Chilly talks while Pickles sings "I Feel Better".
  • As it is revealed, all toys have different stuffing types:
    • Charlie has monster fluff.
    • Hallie has purple plush.
    • Stuffy has dragon fluff.
    • Lambie has cuddly wool stuffing.
    • Pickles has cotton-ball white, the same as Chilly's.


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