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Theme song
Donny: I'm a hungry shark, and I'm gonna get you. Rrroar! Aah! A shark! A shark! It's gonna eat me. Aah!
Doc: Hermie, look out!
Donny: Rrroar! I've got you now, Mr. Chomp. I'm a whale, and I'm bigger and hungrier than you. Oh, no. He got me. The whale got me.
[Doc and Dr. McStuffins chuckle]
Dr. McStuffins: OK, mister, out of the tub before you turn into a shark.
Donny: Aw.
Dr. McStuffins: Let's go put your pj-ramas on. Finish up, Doc. I'll tuck you in after I put Donny to bed.
Doc: OK, mom.
[Stethoscope goes off]
[Lambie chuckles]
Doc: I hope you guys had a fun bath.
Hermie: Yeah, fun.
Mr. Chomp: It was awful nice.
Hermie: Hurry, Squeakers. He's making those shark eyes at ya. Aah!
Mr. Chomp: Hey, little guy. You want a sharky-back ride?
[Turtle gasps]
[Quack, quack]
Mr. Chomp: Marvin, you want to race?
[Quack, quack]
Mr. Chomp: OK, ready, set--
Hermie: Quick, give me your hand.
[Quack, quack]
Doc: Guys, Mr. Chomp's just playing. He won't hurt you.
Mr. Chomp: You bet I won't. Oh! Oh! Ooh, that hurts! Hey, Doc, can I get a little help?
Doc: Of course.
Lambie: No. Don't get to close to the shark. Please?
Doc: Lambie, I can't see.
Lambie: Oh. Sorry.
Doc: What's going on, Mr. Chomp?
Mr. Chomp: I don't know. Something's wrong my bite.
Doc: Can you come a little closer so I can?
Lambie: No! Doc, watch out!
Hermie: He's coming for ya! I can't look.
Doc: You guys, don't be silly. Mr. Chomp's the sweetest shark ever. Let's get you to my room and take a look.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Doc: Hi, guys.
Stuffy: Dragons love a bouncy bed. Boing, boing. Come on, Chilly. Bounce with me.
Chilly: Snowmen aren't really meant for bouncing. Snow is delicate, you know. Whoa! Huh? Shark!
Doc: Everyone, we have a new-- Hey, where did everybody go?
Chilly: Uh, Doc, why is there a sh-sh-shark in the bedroom?
Doc: Oh. This is Mr. Chomp, Donny's bath toy. He needs help, and the clinic is closed now, so we'll have to set up a field hospital right here. Who wants to go get Hallie?
[Toys all talking at once]
Chilly: Me. Oh, me.
Doc: OK, uh, Hermie and Squeakers.
Hermie: Good luck, guys. Hope the shark doesn't eat ya.
Doc: We need to get set up. I have some stuff over here.
Lambie: I'll come with you.
Stuffy: The name's Stuffy--Stuffy the brave dragon.
Mr. Chomp: Pleased to meet you, Stuffy the brave dragon.
Stuffy: [laughs nervously] So, uh, what's the popular food for sharks these days? Calamari? Mango? [Gulp] Dragons?
Mr. Chomp: Oh, gosh, no. I would--
Stuffy: Aah! [Jumps onto the bed curtains] Ha ha.
Doc: We can use my desk for the checkup.
Stuffy: Aah!
Doc: Let's make more room for Mr. Chomp. Chilly, can you move that microscope out of the way?
Chilly: Uh, sure, Doc. Huh? Doc, I think I have Gianthanditis. My hand is huge!
Doc: Chilly, you're looking through a microscope. It makes things look bigger.
Chilly: Whoo. That's a relief. That's why you're the doc.
Doc: There. That'll work.
Hallie: I'm coming, Doc! I'm coming.
Hallie: Whew. I came as soon as I heard. I haven't moved so fast since the gulpy gators thought I had a marble in my pocket.
Doc: Thanks, you guys. I guess I'm a dentist tonight. Dentists are like doctors, for your teeth. Now let's take a look at that tooth. Open wide.
Chilly: Stop! Are you sure this is a good idea, Doc?
Stuffy: Couldn't you just look from over here?
Lambie: Yeah. Those teeth are so pointy.
Hermie: It Looks wicked dangerous.
Doc: I've told you guys, there's nothing to be scared of. Besides, doctors make a promise to help any patient who needs them, even if you're scared of them. And no one should be scared of sweet Mr. Chomp.
Mr. Chomp: Thanks. [Crying]
Doc: Oh, Mr. Chomp, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.
Mr. Chomp: Oh, you didn't do anything, Doc. It's not my tooth that hurts. [Sniff] It's my heart.
Doc: Your heart? Are you sad?
Mr. Chomp: It's just that it makes me feel bad when everyone is afraid of me.
Doc: You guys aren't still afraid of Mr. Chomp, are you?
Lambie: Well, yeah. He's a shark, Doc.
Stuffy: He chomps things.
Hermie: With wicked sharp teeth.
Mr. Chomp: I know I look scary, and Donny sure plays with me like I'm scary, but that's not the real me at all. I wouldn't hurt a plastic fly.
[Mr. Chomp]
♪ It's not easy being me ♪
♪ I never asked for all these teeth ♪
♪ And I got feelings deep inside that no one knows ♪
♪ You think I'm a scary shark ♪
♪ But you can't judge a dog by the sound of its bark ♪
♪ And if you'll give me a chance ♪
♪ I'm gentle as a rose ♪
♪ Sharks can be good, just misunderstood ♪
♪ I'm as cuddly as a whale ♪
♪ There's nothing to fear ♪
♪ You just gotta hear my shark's tale ♪
♪ I'm cold and I'm gray, other fish swim away ♪
♪ But I wouldn't hurt a snail ♪
♪ If you'll be my friend ♪
♪ There's a happier end to my ♪
[Stuffy, Lambie and Mr. Chomp]
♪ Shark's tale ♪
Doc: Mr. Chomp may look scary, but he's one of the nicest toys I know.
Hallie Doc's right. Have any of you ever seen Mr. Chomp be anything but as sweet as summer sunshine?
Lambie: Uh, now that you mention it, he was just offering Baby Turtle a sharky-back ride.
Hermie: Hm. And Marvin loves a good race.
Stuffy: I guess maybe we were wrong.
Hallie: Sounds to me like you were too busy looking at the size of his teeth to notice the size of his heart.
Lambie: Oh, we're sorry, Mr. Chomp. I should have given you a cuddle a long time ago.
Hallie: Now let's stop all of this "shark's gonna eat me" nonsense and give our friend a checkup.
Stuffy: Yes.
Hermie: Wicked good idea.
Lambie: Now we're talking.
Doc: That's a super loose tooth, all right. I have a diagnosis. You have Loosetoothiosis.
Hallie: And I have the "Big Book of Boo-Boos".
Mr. Chomp: Uh-oh. That's doesn't sound so good.
Doc: Oh. This kind of things happens all the time with people. Your tooth must have come loose when Donny chomped you on something really hard.
Mr. Chomp: Can you fix it, Doc?
Doc: Yep. I'll just pastes it back in, and you can get back to chomping.
Mr. Chomp: I'm a little scared.
Stuffy: I suppose this brave dragon can be brave enough for both of us.
Lambie: I can be brave for you, too.
Mr. Chomp: Gosh. Thanks.
Doc: When you're scared, it helps to think about something else.
Lambie: Like something funny?
Doc: Sure.
Stuffy: All right. I got this one. What did one shark say to the other shark after he ate a clown fish? This tastes funny. Ha ha ha! Get it? Clown fish. Tastes funny. Ha ha ha! He's a clown fish and he's-- That one always gets me.
Lambie: Stuffy, that wasn't a very nice joke. You heard Mr. Chomp. He wouldn't hurt anyone.
Mr. Chomp: Actually, I thought it was pretty funny.
Stuffy: See, Lambie? Just because he's scary-looking doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of humor. Right, buddy?
Mr. Chomp: Right.
Doc: OK, open wide, and let's get this tooth fixed up
Stuffy: You can squeeze my hand if you need to.
Mr. Chomp: OK. Ready, Doc.
Doc: There. All done.
Mr. Chomp: Wow. That didn't hurt at all.
Stuffy: Eek!
Mr. Chomp: Oh, sorry about that.
Stuffy: No problem.
Mr. Chomp: Ah, looks good. Feels good, too.
[Mr Chomp]
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ I didn't feel so good ♪
♪ Till you fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
♪ Whoo! And I feel better, so much better now ♪
Mr. Chomp: Wow. I feel like I could chomp anything. No, no, not you. I'm a sweetheart of a shark, remember?
[Knock on door]
Doc: Toys, go stuffed.
Dr. McStuffins: Time to get under the covers, Doc.
Doc: I was just finishing up with a patient. His tooth was really loose, but I fixed it.
Dr. McStuffins: Wow. You do good work. Mwah. Sweet dreams.
Doc: Night, mom.
Lambie: Is there room in there for more?
Doc: Come on in.
Hallie: Can I get a little room here?
Mr. Chomp: I won't bite. But I do snore.
Lambie: Oh. Well, Stuffy snores, too.
Stuffy: Who doesn't?
[All laughing]