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"She's the Boss" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 3 episode "Queen of Thrones". It is sung by Doc, Lambie and Hallie. In this song, Doc, Lambie and Hallie sing a funky song about being helping others and not being "bossy".

She's the boss song

Doc McStuffins - Song She's the Boss - Disney Junior Official


<poem> Doc: She’s smart, cool and confident Her eloquence, significant She's not bossy

Doc, Lambie and Hallie: She's the boss

Lambie: She's the natural leader of any pack This loyal royal's got your back

Doc, Lambie and Hallie: Queen Amina is awesome sauce She's the boss

Hallie: So time to say goodbye To the b-o-s-s-y There's nothing wrong with being number one

Doc, Lambie and Hallie: Number one

Hallie: So let's not get confused About the words we choose To talk about the gals who get things done Sing it.

Doc, Lambie and Hallie: She's not bossy She's the boss She's not bossy She's the boss