Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess
Season 2, Episode 21A
Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess
Air date July 11, 2014
Written by Kerri Grant
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Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess is the first segment of the forty-seventh episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on July 11, 2014.


Doc and the toys meet Princess Persephone, a brave and adventurous princess doll who challenges Sir Kirby to a playoff competition and sets out to prove that princesses can do anything knights can do.


As Doc and Emmie were playing a game of knights and princesses, Emmie gets called from her mother as Doc discovers that Princess Persephone or "Peri" for short isn't a run-of-the-mill princess as Sir Kirby thinks that she is, as Peri explains to Sir Kirby that she is as knightly as Sir Kirby as she and him do a challenge to see whose good at what they are until Sir Kirby gets injured.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Lambie: As an amateur princess myself, I have to admit, I didn't know princesses could do that.
Princess Persephone: Oh, yeah, princesses can do all kind of things. It's pretty sweet.

Lambie: Ooh, Peri is no ordinary princess. I like that.

Sir Kirby: Firstly, I need someone to volunteer to be my squire.
Stuffy: Oh, oh, pick me, pick me! I'm the bravest and best squire around.
Sir Kirby: Okay, Stuffy. You are my squire.
Stuffy: Uh, wanna go over what the brave squire does again? You know, for Squeakers.
Sir Kirby: Ah, well, a squire helps the knight. They help me up on my horse, pass me my jousting lance, that sort of thing. Chilly, will you be my second squire?
Chilly: As long as I get to hide behind the first squire, that'll be fine.


  • Diagnosis: Break-apart-atosis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Princess Persephone
  • After Sir Kirby loses his limbs, he says, "Just a flesh wound!" This line comes from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when King Arthur encounters the Black Knight and hacks off his limbs.


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