Snowy Gablooey
Season 3, Episode 17A
Snowy Gablooey
Air date December 4, 2015
Written by Kent Redeker
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"Snowy Gablooey" is the first segment of the eightieth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on December 4, 2015.


Doc treats a frozen Oooey Gablooey after Donny accidently leaves him out in the snow.




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Stuffy: (After he rolls and falls in the snow) I just discovered something. Rolling in the snow is fun! Whoo! (Rolls some more and then calls to his friends) Come on in. The snow's fine!

Oooey Gablooey: If I can't stretch, I can't do any of my super tricks. Without my tricks, I'll never be a star.
Lambie: You're already a star. A starfish.
Oooey Gablooey: I mean a superstar! The biggest toy circus star the McStuffins backyard has ever seen! But if I can't stretch, I'll have to give up my dream.

Doc: It's important for toys, and kids, to dress warm when they're out in the snow. Otherwise, they might get too cold.
Oooey Gablooey: Like I did.
Doc: Right. Because if you get too cold, all sorts of bad things can happen to you. You could get sick or...
Oooey Gablooey: Or you won't be able to stretch.
Hallie: That's right, sugar.
Doc: But I have a cure.


  • Diagnosis: Frigid-Frosty-Freezies
  • This is the second time Oooey Gablooey got a bad case.
  • The last time Oooey Gablooey had a checkup from the episode "Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak" is mentioned by Doc before she tells Oooey his current diagnosis.


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