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"So Proud to Be Med Students" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 4 episode "First Day of Med School". It is sung by Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly. In this song, Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly sing a song about them becoming official Med students.

So Proud to Be Med Students-008

Doc McStuffins - Med Students Official Disney Junior Africa


<poem> Stuffy: This is gonna be great So much to learn and we can't wait

Chilly: We're gonna know what to do When Doc needs help, we'll all come through

Lambie: The subjects and the work are hard Are we ready? You bet we are

Chilly: We are

Stuffy: We are

Lambie: We are

Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly: We're so proud to be med students We can't wait to learn and help So, so proud to be med students 'Cause toys aren't gonna fix themselves

And when we graduate, we're gonna celebrate Can't wait to put on our scrubs We're the readiest med students So get ready for us