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"Space Buddies Forever!" is the first segment of the eighty-first episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on December 11, 2015.


When Commander Crush hurts his wing and loses one of his screws, Star Blazer Zero offers one of his extra screws so Doc can fix him.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

The Wicked King: I am the wicked space king, and you must all bow down before me, big sizzle bop.
Commander Crush: Ha! Commander Crush will never be ruled by a wicked space king.
The Wicked King: Beep-bop-bip. Very well. You leave me no choice. Release the giant space monster. Beep sizzle-bop. (Stuffy blows trumpet)
Doc: Roar!
Stuffy: Wow, nice roar.
Chilly: (Screams) Giant space monster. Help! Save me! Oh, save me.
Lambie: You do know that's just Doc, right?
Chilly: Oh, um... Yeah, of course. I was just pretending to be scared.

The Wicked King: Oh, I say, I do not approve of these flying conditions. There's not enough leg room.
Commander Crush: You don't even have legs.
The Wicked King: That's beside the point. And where is my juice box?
Commander Crush: There's no beverage service on this flight.
The Wicked King: I am going to push this button and call the flight attendant.
Commander Crush: No, don't. That will make me... (Wicked King pushes button) transform back into a robot. (Both scream and fall)

Stuffy: Someone's coming.
Chilly: I hope it's not a monster.
Lambie: The monster was just Doc.
Chilly: Oh, of course it is. I was still, um... pretending.

Star Blazer Zero: Doc, I may have an idea. Those screws you need, are they space standard QX-937 screws?
Commander Crush: That's right. How did you know?
Star Blazer Zero: They're the same screws used to hold my astronaut belt on. Doc, I would be truly honored to donate my screws to help fix my buddy, Commander Crush.
Commander Crush: What? Can he do that, Doc?
Doc: He could. It would be like how people sometimes donate organs, like kidneys, someone who needs them.
Star Blazer Zero: I have more screws than I need to hold on this belt. I want to donate two of them to Crush.
Commander Crush: Zero, you'd do that for me?
Star Blazer Zero: Of course. We're space buddies.
Commander Crush: Space Buddies. Forever!