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Spritzy Mitzi is an octopus-like sprinkler toy that appears in the 19th episode of the second season of Doc Mcstuffins. She gets a pebble stuck in her tentacles but refused to get it looked at resulting in a crack, but Doc uses tape to fix her up. 

Spritzy mitzi


Mitzi is a red and orange octopus-like sprinkler toy with spots on her head. She talks in slang similar to that of a rapper. 


  • "What's popin Doc and the funky fresh toy crew"
  • "Ready to get wet and boogie down with the coolest sprinkler in town"
  • "Oooo au ahh"
  • "Get in here crew"
  • "That was funky fresh you guys are solid"
  • "Let's get our sprinkle on"
  • "Let's get this water started"
  • "Don't sweat it Doc we're chillin"
  • "Oh snap you're right"
  • "I don't need fixing for just a little pebble I can sprinkle fine with it don't sweat it"
  • "As sure as the sun is hot"
  • "You guys wanna boogie down and get cool and I wanna boogie down and sprinkle you no little pebble is going to stop me"
  • "You're my girl yo"
  • "This is so cool"
  • "Whho hoo oh yea get your sprinkle on this sprinkle is fresh if I do say so myself"
  • "What's happening?"
  • "On the best sprinkling day of the year?"
  • "Ok check me out Doc"
  • "Thanks, lamby I felt the love"
  • "Aww don't worry chilly I can't sprinkle you if I wanted to"
  • "When everybody needs me most?"
  • "Not funky fresh"
  • "What if it's something you can fix Doc what if I can't sprinkle again?"
  • "In English Doc"
  • "So can you fix it Doc or am I going to be boxed up forever?"
  • "Of course, if it was my last sprinkle at least it was with my friends"
  • "I don't know if I can relax if I can't sprinkle I'm nothing just a lawn or dement with holes"
  • "Thanks guys I trust you Doc you're my girl"
  • "Solid so solid"
  • "That's it!"
  • "Well, let's get back out there and boogie!"
  • "Oh sorry got all excited"
  • "So what do I have to do to get cleared?"
  • "Well stuffy kinda told me the pebble was in three when you went inside"
  • "It's the first really hot day I wanted it to be the most funky fresh time ever! Pulse it was so little I didn't think it was a big deal"
  • "When the sun is strong and the day is long and the temperature gets so hot the kids wanna play and my sprinklers spray and never wanna stop but a pebble got stuck the water backed up and the party had to go pop"
  • "Better fix it now"
  • "I never thought of it that way but I get it now"
  • "Next time I'll speak up thanks"
  • "Haha, I'm fixed!"
  • "And there still some hot sun out there"
  • "Haha come on guys sprinkle sprinkle go go go aw hu oh yea sprinkle on sprinkle on"


  • Season 2 episode 19


  • Diagnosis: piper cloggy tentacle osis