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Squibbles is a toy who first appears in "A Dragon's Best Friend." He appears as a yellow and orange ball of fuzz with blue antennae. He takes an immediate shine to Stuffy, but Stuffy is slow to warm up to him. He is a lost toy, but when Doc is unable to find his owner, Stuffy adopts him. Like other "toy pets" seen in the "Pet Vet" line, he can neither speak, nor understand speech.

Squibbles is an electronic toy pet and requires daily charging in order function properly. If not charged, he becomes slow and sluggish. This is true both when he is acting as a normal toy and when he is animated by Doc's magic stethoscope.


Squibbles has orange and yellow fur, blue eyes, a brown nose and cerulean-colored antennae.



  • He's one of the two toys in the series whose owners are unknown the other being Melinda.