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"Starry, Starry Night" is the second segment of the sixth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 29, 2012.


Doc helps Henry's telescope, Aurora, when she suffers from blurry vision.


The McStuffins are preparing to watch a meteor shower at night, when Doc hears her friend Henry about to set up a new telescope next door. She goes over to check it out, as Henry puts the telescope together, although he unknowingly drops a piece out of the box. When Henry and Doc look through the telescope, everything looks blurry! Doc volunteers to fix it in time for the meteor shower, while Henry stays to watch the meteor shower at Doc's house. Doc takes the telescope, as well as Lambie and Stuffy, to the clinic.

Inside the clinic, the telescope introduces herself as Aurora, and she begins to bump into things around the clinic. Her vision is blurry, so Doc gives her a check-up. During the check-up, Doc checks Aurora's eyes and lenses with an eye exam. She tries have Aurora identify animals on a chart, as well as trying to get her to see Stuffy clearly, and eventually diagnoses Aurora with "Blurry-Star-itis", meaning Aurora's vision is incredibly blurry. Doc wants to help Aurora see better, and explains that some people(and hippos, such as Hallie) get glasses to see properly, and believes that Aurora is missing a piece to help her see clearly. Examining her instructions, Doc discovers that Aurora is missing an eyepiece to help her see clearly. It isn't in the box, so Doc takes the toys to Henry's house to look for it.

In Henry's backyard, the toys look for the missing eyepiece. Using Donny's flashlight, Doc is able to find the missing piece, which had rolled into the grass. Doc puts the eyepiece on Aurora, and soon, she can see clearly! Aurora thanks Doc and the toys for helping her, and they all head back to Doc's backyard. Henry is glad to have his telescope working now, and together, everyone enjoys the meteor shower.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Donny: Dad, look! I'm shining my flashlight on Mars!
Mr. McStuffins: Greetings, Martians. Anyone up there want a star cookie?
Chilly: Huh? Did she say "shower"? No one told me it was gonna rain! (Grabs umbrella)
Doc: Ha ha! Chilly, you can't get wet from a meteor shower. Meteors are the streaks of light made by little rocks flying through space.
Chilly: Flying rocks? (Hides under table) Ooh, that's worse!


  • Diagnosis: Blurry-Star-itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Aurora
  • This episode reveals that Hallie can't see a thing without her glasses on.

Differences Between Episode and Book[]

  • Chilly didn't appear in the book like how he did in the episode.
  • In the book, Lambie was sitting when Aurora mistakes her for a dog. In the episode, Lambie was standing.