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Theme song
Donny: By the time we finish, this is gonna be the biggest mountain of sand in the world!
Will: That's 'cause we're the best builders in the world!
Donny and Will: Ha-ha!
Doc: Whoa! Nice mountain, guys.
Will: We didn't build it. They did. Riggo here is the best toy there is.
Donny: Except for Buddy.
Donny and Will: [Giggles]
Donny: Avalanche!
Doc: Run away!
Will: I can't. Riggo's buried in sand! Help me dig him out. Ah!
Donny: We did it! We saved Riggo!
Will: Phew! OK, let's rebuild the mountain.
Donny: Beep! Beep! Beep! Ready for sand scooping, Riggo.
Will: Ugh! Ugh! Riggo's scoop is stuck. Ugh! Ugh! Uh! Uh!
Donny: You should let Doc look at it. She's real good at fixing toys. Doc! There's something wrong with Will's truck.
Doc: Doc McStuffins, doctor to stuffed animals and toys, at your service.
Will: I already tried banging it, so how are you gonna fix it?
Doc: Will, I can't really tell you how I do it, but trust me, I know my toys.
Will: OK, but he's my favorite toy. Please take real good care of him.
Doc: Don't worry, Will. I'll take great care of him.
Donny: Come on! Let's go on the slide. Doc will tell us when she's done. Race you there! Ha ha ha!
[Stethoscope goes off]
Stuffy: Hiya!
Lambie: [Gasps] Ooh! We're in a castle. Castles always make me feel like a princess.
Doc: Sorry, Princess Lambie, but it's toy fixing time. Riggo's scoop is tuck.
Buddy: Yo, Doc, you can call me Buddy. And this here's my best friend Riggo. We make a great building team.
Riggo: Yeah, yeah. That's great. But we don't have time to yakkety yak. We got us a mountain to build.
Lambie: How are you supposed to build a mountain with your scoop stuck?
Riggo: Ooh. That cute little lamb may be right. I'm no good if I can't scoop stuff.
Buddy: Come on, get outta here. You're a great toy even if your scoop isn't working.
Riggo: Listen to this guy, would you? I'm gonna tell you something, Buddy. You're the best pal a truck like me could ever have.
Doc: Ah! That's the sweetest thing ever!
Lambie: I know! You guys need a cuddle. [Giggles]
Doc: Don't worry, Riggo. I'm as good at being a doctor for toys as you are at building things.
Riggo: Well, then you must be one first-class doctor.
Doc: You know it! Let's do a checkup and try to figure out what's wrong.
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ I'm gonna check your ears ♪
♪ Check your eyes ♪
♪ Find out how much you've grown ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ I'm gonna listen to your heart beat ♪
♪ Fix you up, ready to go ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
[Doc and Lambie]
♪ It's OK if you giggle ♪
♪ This will only tickle a little ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
Doc: Everything looks normal so far. There's just one more test I want to do.
Riggo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute, Doc. What is that thing supposed to be?
Doc: I use it to check your reflexes. It won't hurt. Just a normal part of a checkup.
Lambie: Um, do you need a volunteer to show Riggo, Doc?
Doc: I just give a little tap to see if her leg is working right.
Lambie: [Laughs]
Riggo: You know, if that little lamb there can be brave, so can I.
Doc: Hmm. It didn't move. I'm still not sure what's wrong. Are you feeling tired or weak?
Riggo: Are you kidding me, Doc? I am as strong as a bull. Lambie, Stuffy, come on. Climb into the scoop.
Stuffy: Make way for the dragon! Ha ha! It's like a bonus cuddle.
Riggo: You see? You see that there, Doc? Look how strong I am. I'm as strong as a bull. I mean, I can hold them up really easy, OK? No sweat whatsoever. Ugh! Now I just wish that I could put them back down. I mean, it really hurts when I try to move my scoop.
Doc: This is a tough case, but I'm not gonna give up till I crack it.
Donny: Race you there! Doc!
Doc: Toys, go stuffed!
Donny: Doc, did you fix it?
Doc: Ow! My eye!
Donny: Sorry, Doc. Are you OK? I didn't mean to hurt you.
Doc: I know. I know. I need mom. Mom! Mom. Donny got sand in my eye.
Donny: It was an accident!
Dr. McStuffins: OK. Let me see. Oh, Sweetie, you do have sand in your eye. It must hurt to move it around.
Doc: Yeah. It hurts really bad.
Dr. McStuffins: Good thing Dr. mom is here. I'll just wash that sand right out.
Doc: Wow! It feels better all ready. Thanks, mom.
Dr. McStuffins: My pleasure. Even doctors need to see the doctor sometimes.
Doc and Dr. McStuffins: [Laughs]
Donny: Sorry I got sand in your eye, Doc.
Dr. McStuffins: You have to remember to be careful around sand. You shouldn't throw it or kick it around because it could get in someone's eye.
Donny: We'll be real careful.
Doc: Sand. Yes, that's it! How about you two take a few more slides down the slide? I think I know how to fix Riggo.
Donny: Cool!
Will: Ha ha! Race you to the slide!
Donny: Again? I beat you last time!
Doc: Riggo, I think I know what's wrong with you.
Riggo: Oh, yeah, Doc?
Buddy: Yo, that is great news! Isn't that great news?
Lambie: Yeah. What is it, Doc?
Doc: Oh, I'm good. I'm goo-oo-ood with a capital ood! I have a diagnosis. This looks like one full-blown case of Sandy Scoop Syndrome. Riggo has sand in his joints.
Buddy: Oh, yo, that must have happened at the avalanche.
Riggo: Buddy is right, Doc. I was up to my scoop in sand.
Doc: That's what's making your arms stick. It hurts when you try to move it, just like when I had sand in my eye.
[Riggo and Buddy]
♪ Dig, dig, dig ♪
♪ Dig, dig, dig ♪
♪ Dig, dig, digging in the sand ♪
♪ Building mountains to the sky ♪
♪ Build, build with shovel hands ♪
♪ Just keep it from your eyes ♪
[Doc, Riggo and Buddy]
♪ So much to do and move around ♪
♪ Sand in your gears just slows you down ♪
[Riggo and Buddy]
♪ No sense in getting stuck ♪
♪ Just keep on thinking big ♪
[Riggo and Buddy]
♪ Dig, dig, dig ♪
♪ Two buddies with their trucks ♪
[Doc, Riggo and Buddy]
♪ Yeah, we all love to dig ♪
♪ Dig, dig, dig, dig ♪
Riggo: I'm gonna be really careful from now on. But, listen, Doc, what about my Sandy Scoop Syndrome? Can you fix me?
Doc: Absolutely!
Buddy: Yo, Doc, is there anything a dump truck could do to, you know, help out? Because, you know, I'd do whatever it takes to help out my best friend over here.
Doc: You know what, Buddy? I totally need your help. I have a plan, but I couldn't do it without you. Here's what I need you to do. [Whispering]
Lambie: Don't let anyone see us, Buddy.
Buddy: Hey, don't you worry your purdy little head.
Doc: Everybody ready?
Lambie: Ready.
Stuffy: You bet!
Lambie: Way to go!
Buddy: Hey, you know it!
Stuffy: Remember, Squeakers, give it full power. Ready, Lambie?
Lambie: Ready, Stuffy!
Stuffy and Lambie: Carrots, pickles, walnuts, peas. Let's give Squeakers one big squeeze!
Doc: Now, that's what I call teamwork. OK, Riggo, here's the big moment. Let's see if your scoop moves.
Riggo: Hey! Would ya look at that? I mean, it works. And now that the sand is all gone, I can move my scoop easy.
Doc: I did it! Another toy good as new!
Lambie: You did it, Doc!
Stuffy: Yay!
Riggo: Thanks a lot, Doc. And you wanna know something else? You're the greatest.
Doc: Hee hee hee hee! I know. But I didn't do it all by myself.
Buddy: Oh, I'm just glad to lend a hand. Heh heh. You know, Rig, I'd have hated to have to build a mountain of sand all by myself.
Riggo: Would you listen to this big mug? And now that I'm all better, I can get back to doing what I love the best.
Buddy and Riggo: Building stuff!
Stuffy: Whoa! Ptooey! I'm OK! Dragons are tough.
Doc: Riggo, be careful with the sand, remember?
Riggo: I'm sorry. I forgot about it. I got so excited that I just forgot there for a second is all, Doc.
Buddy: So what do you say we get back to building that mountain?
Donny: Hey, Doc!
Doc: Shh!
(Stuffy and Lambie go stuffed.)
Will: Did you fix him?
Doc: Why don't you give him a try?
Will: Riggo! You're working! Thanks, Doc.
Doc: No problem. Riggo had sand in his joints, but it was nothing Doc McStuffins couldn't fix!
Will: Donny, you have the coolest big sister ever!
Donny: I know.
Lambie: Good job, Doc.
Doc: Thanks, Lambie. Sometimes I really, really, really, really love my job!