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"Stuffy & Squibbles" is the first segment of the seventieth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on August 21, 2015.


On Stuffy’s first day of being a pet owner, he forgets that Squibbles needs to be plugged in to charge, so Doc must remind him that pets need special care and attention every day.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Stuffy: Um, I guess I don't really know how to have a pet.
Doc: Don't worry, Stuffy. As a veterinarian for toy pets I can help.

Doc: Squibbles has run out of energy.
Stuffy: *Gasps* But how? I did everything I was supposed to. I took him for a walk, I brushed him, I played with him and I... I... Oh... Might have missed one eensy, teensy little thingsy.
Doc: Stuffy, did you charge Squibbles today?
Stuffy: Well, I mean, I... Kind of, sort of, no.
Doc: As a toy pet owner, it's really important to remember to charge him.
Stuffy: But I did it yesterday. I thought he'd be okay.

Stuffy: Oh, Squibbles, I'm sorry I didn't charge you up when I was supposed to. What kind of pet owner forgets to feed his best buddy?
Lambie: Oh, you need a cuddle.
Stuffy: Thanks, Lambie, but I don't deserve a cuddle. Oh, Squibbles, you're the best pet a dragon ever had. We made lots of great memories, and really slobbery ones to. The truth is little guy, I'm not so good at being a pet owner. I'm sorry. (Sniffles)

Doc: Stuffy, why aren't you with Squibbles?
Stuffy: Oh, you know, he's just hangin' over there, with his new owner.
Doc: But, Stuffy, you're Squibbles owner.
Stuffy: Not anymore. Squibbles is better off with someone else, Doc. Someone who can take better care of him.
Doc: Stuffy, taking care of a pet is hard work. And you're learning.
Stuffy: I'm the worst pet owner in the world!
Doc: You love Squibbles, don't you?
Stuffy: (Sniffling) How can you not love that big fuzzy ball of fur?
Doc: Then that makes you the best pet owner in the world.
Stuffy: (Wipes tear from eye) Really?
Doc: Really. I have a feeling you won't forget to charge Squibbles ever again.
Stuffy: I'll never, ever, ever forget, Doc. I'll walk him, brush him, and charge him.
Doc: Everyday?
Stuffy: Everyday.

Stuffy: Squibbles, you're my best buddy. If you'll have me back, I promise to take care of you and be the best pet owner of all time. I love you, little guy.