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"Swimmer's Belly" is the second segment of the sixty-third episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on August 21, 2015.


While practicing for a water ballet with Lambie, Melinda the mermaid gets too much water in her belly, throwing her off-balance.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Melinda: I've always wanted to be in a ballet.
Lambie: (Gasps) Really? Oh, it would be my fondest fish, I mean my fondest wish, to choreograph a ballet for you. Oh, being around Melinda even makes me talk funny.
Melinda: Only problem is they don't make toe shoes for mermaids.
Lambie: (Gasp) I know! We could do a water ballet! So, um, you could be the star and I think it would be fin... I mean fun. But it's okay if you don't want to.
Melinda: Lambie, I'd love to be in your water ballet. Thank you.
Lambie: Oh, I can't believe it. "Lambie's Water Ballet" staring Melinda the mermaid. Dream come true.

Chilly: Oh, no! I've been splashed!
Doc: Don't worry, Chilly. It's only a teeny bit of water.
Chilly: Water? I'll turn to sludge. There's no cure for sludge.
Doc: But there is a cure for wet stuffed snowman. Come on, let's go dry you off.
Chilly: In the words of the lamb, dream come true. But I'm still scared I'm gonna end up as a sludge man instead of a snowman.
Stuffy: Sounds like you need someone who can help show you how to be brave.
Chilly: That'd be great. But who?
Stuffy: Me! I'm the brave one!
Chilly: Oh, right. Well that'd be swell.

Doc: Where's Lambie?
Surfer Girl: Like where'd she go?
Chilly: I haven't seen her.
Stuffy: Lambie? Here girl. Where are ya, Lambie? Lambie? Lambie?
Lambie: Hi everybody.
Stuffy: Oh, there you are.


  • Diagnosis: Swimmer's Belly
  • This is the second time Melinda got a bad case.
  • This is the first time Doc sings "What's Going On" to Lambie.
  • This is the second time "What's Going On" was the last song.
  • This episode and "Three Goats A'Cuddlin'" were held over from Season 2 and ended up airing during Season 3.
  • This is really the last episode where Doc was voiced by Kiara Muhammad.
  • This is the last Season 2 episode, and the last Season 2 episode in production order.