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"Take Your Pet to the Vet" is the first segment of the sixty-ninth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on August 14, 2015.


Doc brings home her class hamster named Coleslaw to care for over the weekend and must take her to the veterinarian after she comes down with a cold.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Hallie: Okay everybody, let's get to work. Let's make this place shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.
Stuffy: You got it, Hallie! Uh, what's the Chrysler Building? And why are we shining it, again?
Hallie: Stuffy, that's just a hippo-isim. All I'm saying is, let's clean this place up.
Stuffy: Ah, right, haha, I knew that. And why are we cleaning? Asking questions is a dragon-isim.
Hallie: Doc and Chilly are bringing home, Coleslaw.
Stuffy: Oh, right. Ha! Coleslaw! Haha. (To Lambie) Help a dragon out here.
Lambie: (Giggles) Doc's pet hamster from school.

Chilly: Hey, can we let Coleslaw out so everyone can see how cute, cute, cute she is?
Doc: Sure, Chilly. My dad says as long as we keep the door closed, Coleslaw can come out and play.
Stuffy: Great! Coleslaw can use Squibbles spare leash!
Chilly: Actually, Stuffy, Coleslaw has a hamster ball to help keep her safe outside her cage.
Stuffy: Oh.

Chilly: Hey Coleslaw! You wanna explore the clinic? (Coleslaw stares at him) Oh, sure you do. Y-you just can't talk.

Doc: Hmm, you're right Chilly. Coleslaw doesn't seem like herself.
Hallie: Oh, the poor little dear.
Chilly: But you can fix her, right, Doc?
Doc: Actually, I don't think I can.
Chilly: What? But you-you have to!
Doc: Chilly, we'll get her help, but I'm only a vet for toy pets. I'm not qualified to work on a real animal. It's always best to get the right person for the job. We need to take Coleslaw to see a real vet.

Stuffy: Whoa, look at all those pets!
Lambie: They're all so big.
Chilly: Yeah, and so realistic.
Lambie: Oh, Chilly. That's because they are real.
Chilly: Well, that explains it!


Differences Between Episode and Book[]

  • In the episode, Doc brings Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly to the Vet. In the book, she only brings Chilly.
  • In the book, Lambie was out of bed with her pajamas seen at night time. In the episode, she was in her tutu, and was in bed with Doc, Stuffy and Hallie.