Tea Party Tantrum
Season 1, Episode 3A
Tea Party Tantrum
Air date March 26, 2012
Written by Bradley Zweig
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"Tea Party Tantrum" is the first segment of the third episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 26, 2012.


Doc wonders why Susie Sunshine, a doll, is acting very cranky.


Emmie had stayed overnight at Doc's for a sleepover but they both ended up giggling pretty late into the night so they were a little tired while having breakfast. Before Emmie goes home she and Doc have one more tea party and Doc's father joins them. After Emmie leaves to go home Doc brings her toys to life and they continue with the tea party. However Doc, Stuffy and Lambie soon notice that Susie Sunshine is acting very cranky so Doc and the toys try to find a way to help Susie with her crankiness.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Doc: Oh, my, my. This tea is delicious.
Emmie: It's divine.
Mr. McStuffins: It's better then divine. It's de-yummy.
Lambie: Now, Stuffy, this is the proper way to drink tea. Sippity-sip-sip. Ahh. See?
Stuffy: So like this? Sip, sip, sippity sip? (Slurps loudly)
Doc: Susie Sunshine, would you like to join us for some tea?
Susie Sunshine: Nooo! I don't want any tea.
Doc: Whoa!
Lambie: [Gasps] Yikes.
Stuffy: Whoa!
Doc: [Gasps] Susie?
Stuffy: Hey, where's my cup?
Doc: [Giggles] Let's all try taking another sip.
Susie Sunshine: No.
Lambie: But, uh, Susie Sunshine, you love tea parties.
Susie Sunshine: Not today, I don't.
Lambie: Maybe you need a cuddle.
Susie Sunshine: I don't want to cuddle.
Lambie: Ohh.
Doc: Susie Sunshine, are you OK? You're not acting like yourself today.
Hallie: Oh! Susie Sunshine! That's just what we need to brighten up our day. Give us a giggle, sugar.
Susie: I don't feel like giggling.
Hallie: Oh, my.
Doc: Susie's not feeling like herself today.
Hallie: I can see that.
Doc: Susie, why don't you lie back? [Susie lies down] Hmm. That's funny.
Hallie: What's funny?
Susie: Nothing seems funny to me right now.
Doc: Susie, will you sit up again?
Susie: OK. [Susie gets up]
Doc: Now lie back again.
Susie: Oh, again?


  • Diagnosis: EyesWide-itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Susie Sunshine
  • This is the third episode Chilly is absent from.
  • This is the first time when a female toy got a checkup.


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