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Teddy B. is Donny's teddy bear that he had to put away when Donny started sneezing. Doc eventually found him in the closet and after giving him a checkup, discovered that Teddy B. was covered in dust. Knowing that Donny is highly allergic to dust, Doc has her mom put Teddy B. in the washer to clean him.


Physical Appearance[]

Teddy B. is a brown teddy bear with a light brown muzzle, a dark brown nose, and freckles.

Role in the series[]

In the episode 'Dusty Bear', he and Donny love each other so much. He was in the hall closet for a long time ago when Donny let him go, until Doc, Lambie, and Stuffy found him. They give him a cuddle and take him to Donny to get them reunited, but the moment halts when Donny sneezes whenever Doc gave him Teddy (he is allergic to dust). They take Teddy to the clinic and Hallie and Chilly give him a hug too. Doc calls the diagnosis the 'Dusty Musties', and goes to ask Dr. McStuffins to wash him in the washing machine. Teddy is afraid at first, so Lambie and Stuffy go in with him. When they are washed, Doc takes Teddy B to see Donny, and Donny and Teddy are reunited.

In the episode 'A Big Pain in Teddy's Tummy', Donny is playing with him, Lambie, and Chilly in the garden. However, when he gives Teddy B. a hug, Teddy B. pricks him, leading to Doc giving Teddy B. a check-up. During his examination, Doc gets pricked too, resulting in Teddy B. running away and hiding in fear of hurting another person. Luckily, Doc and the toys are able to convince him to come out and let them help him, because they know he'd never hurt anyone on purpose. Teddy B. reveals that he has a big pain in his tummy, which he never told Doc because he was too upset that he hurt her and Donny. When Doc gives him an x-ray, she finds a thorn inside his tummy, which had been poking him, as well as Doc and Donny. Doc realizes the thorn must have come from the rose bushes where they were playing. She diagnoses him with "Prickliosis-in-your-tummius" and takes him to her mom, who removes the thorn and stitches up his tummy. Donny is worried at first, but is happy when he sees that Teddy B. is fixed, and is happy to play with him again.


  • "I haven't seen anyone is so long."
  • "Donny used to take me everywhere. [Sigh] To Grandma's, to preschool, to the beach, he even slept with me every night."
  • "You have no idea how hard it is for a teddy bear to live without cuddles. I mean, look at me. Feel me. I was born to hug."
  • "I miss Donny."
  • "I'll do anything to be with Donny again."
  • "I can't believe all you did for me."


  • Teddy B. once went on Donny's Turtle Troop weekend camp. He was dropped in a puddle, dragged through some leaves, had to sleep stuffed at the bottom of Donny's sleeping bag, and was thrown around in a game of "Toss the Teddy".