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"That's Just Claw-ful" is the second segment of the seventh episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 30, 2012.


Doc helps Hermie, her toy crab, after his arm was torn out by Emmie and Alma's new puppy Rudi.


Doc playing at the water table, when she hears a dog barking. Emmie and Alma have got a puppy! They bring the puppy, Rudi, to Doc's backyard, where Rudi takes interest in Doc's toys. He throws Lambie into a bush, buries Hallie and Chilly in the sand, and begins licking Stuffy. Then, Rudi digs up Doc's toy crab, Hermie, and runs away with him! Doc and Emmie try catching him, but end up catching each other. Dr. McStuffins is able to catch Rudi, but Hermie is missing. Emmie and Alma take Rudi home, and Doc goes to look for Hermie. She brings the toys to life, and they all go looking for him. They find him partially buried in the garden, and dig him up. Hermie seems okay, until Stuffy finds out that one of his arms has been pulled off! Doc then takes Hermie to the clinic to reattach his arm.

Doc diagnoses Hermie with "Claw-Be-Gone-itis", meaning that his claw is detached. Doc quickly attaches his arm, and everything seems okay, until Hallie hands him a ball as a reward. Hermie tries to catch it with his re-attached arm, but it falls out of his claw. Doc tries to see if he can hold onto a cotton ball and pencil with his claw, but he keeps dropping them. Doc takes not of this, and decides to ask her mom for help, who recommends physical therapy. When Doc asks what that is, she explains that physical therapy is exercise for the injured body part, in order to make it strong again.

When Doc gets back to the clinic, she explains that Hermie will need physical therapy, through exercises to help make his claw strong again. Doc and the toys help Hermie practice, and soon, after lots of exercise, Hermie's claw is feeling stronger than ever! Hermie thanks Doc, and Doc hears Emmie calling her. Then, she hears Emmie calling Rudi, as he runs into the clinic. Luckily, Hermie is able to scare Rudi away, by snapping pencils with his claws. Emmie follows Rudi into the clinic, where Doc tells Emmie that Rudi probably won't bother Hermie anymore, as the two begin to play with Rudi.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Doc: Oh, Rudi. Hallie hates sand. I can just hear her. (Hallie impression) "Whoo-wee! That sand is giving me itches in my britches." (Emmie looks at her) What?
Emmie: (While Rudi is licking Stuffy) Rudi! No!
Doc: (Doc grabs Stuffy away) Sorry, Rudi, but Stuffy's not a toy. Well, not a dog toy.
Hallie: Whoo-wee! I'm sandier than a sea snake in a sand trap. Even my britches have itches.
Chilly: Poor Hermie, out there all alone. My hair's turning white just thinking about it. [Blows nose]
Hallie: Don't cry, sugar. We'll find him.
Stuffy: Right. We never leave a man behind. Or a crab.
Lambie: Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, crab eyes, radishes...
Doc: Wait. What was the last one?
Lambie: Radishes.
Doc: No, no. Before that.
Lambie: Uh, Crab eyes. (She turns around)
Doc: (Gasp) Hermie. Come on, everybody. Dig.
Doc: Hermie, I have 2 words for you.
Stuffy: Ice cream.
Lambie: Diamond earrings?
Doc: Physical therapy.
Hermie: Guh.
Stuffy: That sounds OK, but I think I'd rather have the ice cream.


  • Diagnosis: Claw-Be-Gone-itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Hermie
  • After Lambie gets thrown in the bush by Rudi, she tells Doc that she does not like dogs.
  • The title is a parody on the words "that's just awful".
  • This is the first episode where Chilly sings.
  • This episode along with "Ben/Anna Split" is the 14th Season 1 episode in production order.