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The Big Book of Boo-Boos is a journal that Doc uses to keep track of the different ailments, syndromes and diseases she diagnoses her toys with.

Hallie fetches it for her in the main shows and in The Doc Files Doc recalls other cases from it.


Doc with the Big Book of Boo-Boos

Big Book of Boo-boos' Info[]


The book is a purple journal with a glittery pink heart in the center.

Episode Diagnosis Symptoms Who got it?
Knight Time Filthy, Icky, Sticky Disease (AKA sticky goo) Never been cleaned Sir Kirby
A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns The Pricklethorns (AKA deflation by being popped) Poked by a thorn Boppy
Out of the Box Can't-pop-itis (AKA having his shirt stuck in the box) Unable to pop out Little Jack
Run Down Race Car No Vroom-Vroom-atosis (AKA Energy drainage) Lack of energy Ricardo
Tea Party Tantrum Eyes-Wide-itis (AKA Eyes that are stuck open) Unable to close eyes Susie Sunshine
Blast Off! Fall-apart-atude (AKA loose limbs) Keeps falling apart Zero
Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! Dried-Out-atosis (AKA dehydration) Not having any water Lenny
The Right Stuff Flat-tail-itis (AKA ripped part where the stuffing goes) Losing their stuffing Stuffy
Gulpy, Gulpy Gators! Stuff-fully-osis (AKA cramped space) Too full of marbles Gustov
One Note Wonder Loose Key Syndrome (AKA loose keys) A loose music key Xyla
Arcade Escapade Stuffanemia (AKA leakage) Stuffing leaking out Gabby
Starry, Starry Night Blurry-Star-itis (AKA blurry vision) Seeing blurry things Aurora
Ben/Anna Split! Huggy-Patch-otis (AKA ripped patch) A ripped huggy patch Ben
That's Just Claw-ful Claw-Be-Gone-itis (AKA broken claw) Claw out Hermie
A Good Case of the Hiccups Repeat-itis (AKA hiccups) Repeating words Millie
Stuck Up Sandy Scoop Syndrome (AKA stuck scoop) Unable to move scoop Riggo
Rescue Ronda, Ready for Takeoff Stuck-Prop-a-tosis (AKA Stuck Splinter) Small twig stuck in propellor Rescue Ronda
All Washed Up Wetmosis (AKA water damage) Full of water, causing him to shut down Robot Ray
The New Girl Weak-Muscle-itis (AKA stiff muscles) Leg muscles are too weak Kiko
Wrap It Up Y.O.B. (Yucky Old Bandage)-Osis (AKA dirty bandages) Dirty bandage Niles
Rest Your Rotors, Ronda Roto-crack-alosis Broken propellor Rescue Ronda
Keep on Truckin' Scratchy-Scrapies (AKA Scratched Paint) Scratched paint Trumaine
Blame It on the Rain Squishy-itis (AKA Soakage by water) Soaked with rain Moo Moo
Busted Boomer Deflate-ulosis (AKA deflation) Being deflated Boomer
Dark Knight The DarkWillies (AKA nyctophobia) Afraid of the dark Sir Kirby
Hallie Gets an Earful Ear-stuffed-a-nosis (AKA clogged ears) Ears stuffed with stuffing Hallie
Break Dancer Not mentioned Cracked leg Bella
Bubble Monkey Gunk-inside-a-tude (AKA glue stuck inside machine) Paste inside her Bubble Monkey
Out in the Wild Sticky-Launcher-itis (AKA broken gadget) Broken sticky launcher Robot Ray
A Whale of a Time Want-to-be-Big Syndrome (AKA urge to be bigger) Wanting to be bigger Lula
Walkie Talkie Time Static-osis (AKA missing antenna) Missing antenna Walter
Awesome Possums No-Stick-a-lepsy (AKA broken velcro) Missing velcro patch Penny
The Bunny Blues Not mentioned Missing nose Pickles
Un-Bur-Able The Un-Bur-Able Burs (AKA stuck burs) Burs all over body Stuffy
Righty-on-Lefty Righty-on-Lefty Syndrome (AKA backwards legs) Legs on backwards Awesome Guy
Hallie's Happy Birthday The Silly-Willies, The Quacks and the Dancies (AKA Acting goofy) Being silly, acting like a duck, dancing. [all to distract Hallie whilst her party is prepared] Sir Kirby
Shark Style Tooth Ache Loose-Tooth-eosis (AKA broken tooth) A broken tooth Mr. Chomp
Get Set to Get Wet Stuck-Winder-Upper-itis (AKA stuck key) Winder-Upper is stuck Melinda
Loud Louie Super-Loud-itis (AKA no indoor voice) Being very loud Louie
Caught Blue-Handed Mystery Pox (later named Glo-Bo Pox) (AKA blue spots) Blue spots Glo-Bo, Chilly, Hallie, Squeakers, Buddy, Surfer Girl, Doc
To Squeak, or Not to Squeak Can't-squeak-otis (AKA broken squeaker) Lost squeaker Marvin
Doctoring the Doc (Leaky, Sniffle-itis) Flu Fever, sneezing, itchy throat, drowsiness, distractability Doc
Hot Pursuit Overheat-atosis (AKA overheated engine) Staying out in the sun too long Officer Pete
Boo-Hoo to You! Ghost-stuck-in-a-Pumpkin Syndrome (AKA just like it sounds) Cannot get free from his pumpkin Sebastian
It's Glow Time No-glow-a-tosis (AKA glower not turning on) Unable to glow Glo-Bo
Chilly Gets Chilly Brrrr-itis (AKA hypothermia) Staying in the cold too long Chilly
Through the Reading Glasses Glasses-Gone-itis (AKA missing glasses) Missing glasses Professor Hootsburg
My Huggy Valentine Split-Heart-itis (AKA lonliness) Sad from a broken heart Lambie
Dusty Bear The Dusty Musties (AKA dust) Covered in dust Teddy B.
Bronto Boo-Boos Bronto Boo-Boos (AKA dinosaur attack) Attacked by a brontosaurus Stuffy, Sir Kirby, Ricardo, Surfer Girl, Wicked King, Glo-Bo, Squeakers, Chilly, Lambie
Brontosaurus Breath Stinky-salami-breath (AKA hallitosis) Bad breath Bronty
Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile Not mentioned Missing winder-upper Norton
Chip Off the Ol' Box Bent Crank-osis (AKA bent crank) A bent turning crank Big Jack
Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm Arm-Overuse-is (AKA sore arm) A sore arm Awesome Guy
Lamb in a Jam Jam-on-Lamb-itosis (AKA sticky jam) Plush covered in jam Lambie, Stuffy
Diagnosis Not Even Close-is The Zoomarounds (AKA broken controls) A missing speed dial, stuck on fast mode Robot Ray
Bronty's Twisted Tail Twisted-tail-atosis (AKA twisted tail) Twisted tail Bronty
Frida Fairy Flies Again Ripped-Wing-engitis (AKA ripped wing) Big rip in wing Frida
A Tale of Two Dragons Cardboard Jammie-Jams (AKA stuck cardboard) Cardboard stuck in wing doors Dragon-Bot
Think Pink Pinkitosis (AKA bad color change) Pink coloring Chilly
You Foose, You Lose Can't-Spin-aritis (AKA stuck control) Unable to spin Johnny Foosball
Leilani's Lu'au No-Hula-tosis (AKA energy drainage) No energy to hula Leilani
Karate Kangaroos Not-Ready-For-Play-itis (AKA nervous jitters) Unable to get ready to play Angus
Doc to the Rescue Popped-out-o-titis (AKA popped leg) Leg popped out Dress-up Daisy
Don't Knock the Noggin Loose Chip-tosis (AKA broken computer chip) Loose computer chip Stuntman Steve
Disco Dress Up Daisy Disco-fracture-itis, I-wanna-Boo-Boo Syndrome (AKA broken arm and sympathy) Crack in arm, feeling jealous Dress-up Daisy, Lambie
The Glider Brothers Not Mentioned, Waytoospeedy-itis Broken propeller, very eager to fly fast Wilbur [both times], Orville
Kirby and the King Stuck-to-you-Boo-Boo's (AKA getting stuck together) Stuck together Sir Kirby & The Wicked King
Bubble Monkey, Blow Your Nose! Slippy Drippies (AKA bubble pipe leak) Leak in bubble pipe Bubble Monkey
Professor Pancake Squished flat-atosis (AKA flattening) Flat as a pancake Professor Hootsburg
You Crack Me Up Itchy Tickle-no-mosis (AKA cracked leather) Cracked leather tummy Gloria
A Very McStuffins Christmas Not mentioned Damaged gears Commander Crush
The Doctor Will See you Now The Yicky Blobs (AKA splattered clay blobs) Splattered with blobs of clay Dolly, Carl and Morten, then Chilly, Lambie, and Stuffy
Lil' Egghead Feels the Heat Too-much-fun-in-the-sun-aplexly (AKA overheating) Speaking nonsense,feeling painfully hot as the result of too much sun Egghead
The Big Sleepover Homesick-tosis (AKA homesickness) Feeling homesick Doc
No Sweetah Cheetah Beautiful-Spot-itis (AKA vain personality) Having beautiful spots and boasting about them Rita
Big Head Hallie Kickie-Stickies, Big-head hippo-atosis (AKA obsession with fame) Leg stuck in kicking position, too much glory Sir Kirby, Hallie
Peaches Pie, Take a Bath! Wet-dog-amosis (AKA bad smell) Smell like a wet dog Peaches Pie
Celestial Celeste Bead-Stuck-o-lepsy (AKA stuck beads) Beads inside her sphere Celeste
Run Doc Run! Broken-leg-atosis (AKA fractured leg) Tiny fracture on leg Dart
A Fairy Big Knot Giant Knot-aotsis (AKA giant knot) A giant knot on strings Frida
Rosie the Rescuer Forwards-Backwards, Panic-itis (AKA backwards head and anxiety) Head on backwards, panicking Sir Kirby, Rosie
Crikey! It's Wildlife Will! Missing-parts-atosis (AKA missing parts) Missing legs Wildlife Will
Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal No-spring-oplexy (AKA broken spring) Unable to swing a lasso Southwest Sal
Take Your Doc to Work Day Not mentioned Doesn't like her hair Curly Q
Blazer's Bike Helmet-no-fit-osis (AKA wrong helmet) Bike helmet doesn't fit Star Blazer Zero
The Big Storm Not mentioned Trapped in the clinic in a storm Chilly, Hallie
Spritzy Mitzi Pipe-a-cloggity-crackity-tentacle-osis (AKA cracked sprayer) Crack in tentacle sprayer Mitzi
Dad's Favorite Toy Worn-button-tosis (AKA worn button) A worn button Saltwater Serge and Wellington Whale
Chilly and the Dude Perfect Snowman Syndrome (AKA perfection) Being the perfect snowman The Dude
Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess Notmentioned, Break-apart-atosis (AKA broken legs) Flag in hair, arms and legs breaking apart Princess Persephone, Sir Kirby
Serpent Sam Makes a Splash Sticky-itis (AKA clogged system by sugar) Drinking a sugary drink and getting clogged up by the sugary residue Serpent Sam
The Wicked King and the Mean Queen Leggy-pops (AKA loose legs) Leg popped loose Queen Amena
Take a Stroll Lazyosis (AKA laziness) Won't get out of stroller Tessie
Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak Ooozy-goozy-itis (AKA leakage) Goo leaking out Oooey Gablooey
There's a King in Your Tummy! Tummy-a-la-king (AKA king trapped inside stomach) Wicked King trapped inside tummy Serpent Sam, Wicked King
Doc's Busy Day Tiara-itis, Overwhelm-atosis (AKA stuck tiara and overwhelmation) Tiara stuck on head; overwhelmed by lots of patients Dress-up Daisy, Doc
Wrong Side of the Law Broken Shield-anemia Cracked windshield Officer Pete
Mirror, Mirror on My Penguin Mirror Smear-os (AKA drool smears on mirror) Baby drool smeared all over mirror Waddly Penguin
Hide and Eek! Torn MTL(Monster Tentacle Limb) Torn tentacle Charlie
McStuffins School of Medicine Squeaky-armor-osis, Twisted spring-amosis, not mentioned, Inside-Out Snout Syndrome, The Sneezies Squeaky armor, broken leg spring, not sure about being a doctor, squashed snout, sneezing and flying Sir Kirby, Robot Ray, Tundra, Stuffy
The Super Amazing Ultra Hoppers Missing brick-emia (AKA missing bricks) Missing a few bricks in his legs Delloroto
Hazel Has a Sleepover Too full-itis (AKA hyperhydration) Too full of water, may cause leakage Hazel
My Breakfast with Bronty The sticky syrup sticky stucks (AKA sticky syrup) Tail stuck to his leg by sticky syrup Bronty
Training Army Al The Ready-to-Serves Preparing to be played in the woods Army Al
Sproingo Boingo Takes the Leap Sprained Spring-a-mosis Syndrome Twisted spring Sproingo Boingo
Shell Shy Not mentioned, The Shy Guise (AKA shyness) Stuck spring, Shy of being around others Theo [both times]
Commander No Stuck-transformation-switch-osis Transformation switch is stuck Commander Crush
The Flimsy Grumpy Bat The Soggy Flimsies Soaked by water Count Clarence
Rockstar Ruby and the Toys Icky Stickies Microphone button is stuck Rockstar Ruby
A Day Without Cuddles! Flour-Tosis Plush covered with flour Lambie
Collide-O-Scope Knocked Mirror-osis Mirror knocked out of place Kiara
Crash Course Wheels-a-gone-aplexy, Not Paying Attention-itis (AKA distraction) Wheels broken off taxi cab, not paying attention to where he's going Tony the taxi cab driver [both times]
Luna on the Moon-a The No-sticky-sticks Shoe does not stick to mountain Luna
Fully in Focus Not mentioned, Double disk-osis Panicking over the wrong facts, two viewing discs in him Professor Hootsburgh, Viewy Stewie
Picky Nikki 2 not mentioned ones, Picky-itis (AKA hunger and selectivity for the last too) Missing stopper, empty stomach, picky about trying something new Nikki [all 3 times], Donny [flashback only]
Getting to the Heart of Things Cracked air tube-itis Crack in air tube Coach Kay
Toy in the Sun Not mentioned Discoloured plastic on back due to sun exposure Bronty
A Big Pain in Teddy's Tummy Prickliosis-in-your-tummius (AKA splinter on abdomen) Thorn on tummy Teddy B.
Slip N' Slide Super-Soaked-Way Wet Dragon Disorder Soaking wet Stuffy
Itty Bitty Bess Takes Flight Acute-rusty-atrophy Rusty joints Bess
Boxed In Messy-o-phobia (AKA ataxophobia) Fear of getting messy Flora
Top Lamb Paw Thread-Pull-ezia Thread on paw has been pulled Lambie
Molly-Molly Mouthful Mouth-full-of-flapjack-itis Mouth clogged by too many flapjacks Molly-Molly Mouthfull
Doc's Dream Team Nightmare Scary-Scares Scared by a nightmare Doc
Filling Chilly Stuffing-gone-osis No stuffing Chilly
Fetchin' Findo Sandy-nose-a-tosis Sand in nose Findo
Twin Tweaks Attracto-No-mosis Repelling magnets do not attract them Chaz and Jaz
A Dragon's Best Friend Antenna Crush Syndrome Broken antenna Squibbles
Stuffy & Squibbles Slow-Mo-Squibble-osis No energy Squibbles
Queen of Thrones Leader-Not-Appreciated-itis Blues (AKA feeling underappreciated as a leader) Upset over being called 'bossy' Queen Amina
Master and Commander Not mentioned, Forgetful-ossitude Fall-Downs Broken wing, forgetting orders Commander Crush
Three Goats A'Cuddlin' Not mentioned Tangly wool coats Farmer Mack's goats
Swimmer's Belly Swimmer's Belly, not mentioned (AKA soakage and disappointment) Water in tail, upset about her show going wrong Melinda, Lambie
Huggable Hallie Talkie-Footsies Computer chip in foot Hallie
Pop-Up Paulo Ouchie-Twisty Springs Tangled and twisted spring Paulo
Nurse's Office Fakey-sicky-school-iosis Faking sicknesses to avoid school Chilly
A Case of the Glitters The Glitters Covered in itchy glitter Dress-Up Daisy, Lambie, Chilly, Stuffy
Doc McStuffins Goes to Washington Torn-tail-iosis Rip in tail Tavia
Winded Winnie Winnie Wheezies Dust in air filter Winnie
Hallie Halloween Scared-to-go-backs (AKA a negative association with a place) Scared to go back after having a terrible fright Hallie
Don't Fence Me In Don't fence my face-itis Head stuck in fence Gustov
Demitri the Dazzling! Not mentioned, Bunny-spring catch-on-stuff-alossitude Leaking stuffing, spring ripped from foot Chilly, Carrots
Smitten With a Kitten Skittery Kitty-itis (AKA timid personality in cats) Nervousness Whispers
The Search for Squibbles Hypo-No-tag-osis No ID tag Squibbles
Factory Fabulous Factory Fabulous How he was made in the factory he came from Wyatt
Lambie Gets the Linties Hyper-lint-emia (AKA lintiness) Lint all over plush Lambie
Moo-Moo's Tutu Boo Boo Trip-rip-erosis (AKA an abrasion) Rip in leg Moo Moo
The New Nurse Rolly-Rose-iosis, Twiggy Vine-itis, 2 not mentioned ones Covered in roses and twigs, likes the new nurse style, dislocated shoulder Hallie, Dress-Up Declan, Dress Up Daisy
Chilly's Loose Button Dangle-Button-Breakies Broken & loose button Chilly
Say It Again, Sadie Squawky-No-Talkie Syndrome (AKA voice loss) Unable to speak Sadie
Mind Over Matter Flashy button envy-itis Jealous over the modern toys' features Saltwater Serge
Snowy Gablooey Frigid-Frosty-Freezies (AKA hypothermia) Frozen solid and therefore unable to move much Oooey Gablooey
Goooooal! Hockey-induced Arm-y-Fall-Off-y Hurt arm, but still wants to play hockey Sir Kirby
Liv Long and Pawsper Antenna Deficit Disorder Broken antenna Liv
Space Buddies Forever! Wingius-Fallius-Offalossalopsy Wing has fallen off, missing screws Commander Crush
Kirby's Derby Cracky-Wobbly Wheelie-Whoops Crack in wheel Bonnie Blue
Ticklish Truck Feathery-Tickly Haha-Hohos Uncontrollable giggling Lenny
Blast Off to the Unknown! Stomp-olepsy Air pump is not working Star Blazer Zero, Commander Crush
Bust a Move Moving-ripped-scuff can't dance-osis Dirty, ripped, nervous about being in a new place Ferris
Baby McStuffins New Babysitter-itis, Baby Boo-Hoos (AKA jitters about babysitting and colic) Worried about being a new babysitter, won't stop crying Doc, Cece
Selfless Snowman Stuffing-emia Stuffing is falling out Charlie, Pickles
St. Patrick's Day Dilemma Shamrock Scribblies Crayon scribbles all over dress Fiona
A Giant Save Not mentioned, Ripped-loose-stuffing-osis Upset over being big, rip on foot Gillian, Professor Hootsburgh
Runaway Love Big Brother Blues, not mentioned Worrying about having to share the love with the new baby Donny, Lambie
Tour De McStuffins Reckless Rider-Itis Bent leg Stella
Hooty's Duty New Baby Jittery-Jitters Nervous about the new baby Professor Hootsburg
A Cure for a King No-Crown-Frowns Crown has fallen off head The Wicked King
Bringing Home Baby not mentioned Rip in wing Stuffy
Baby Names not mentioned Rip in shoulder Lala
Night Night, Lala not mentioned Nervous about being in a new home Lala
The Lady in the Lake Vestless-Fashion Victim-itis Does not like her life vest Dress-Up Daisy
Black Belt Kangaroos Kick-Clack Knee Cracks Loose leg spring Sidney
Joni the Pony Hoof & mane-itis, not mentioned Long mane tangled up in hoof, got tripped Joni, Lambie
Sleepless in Stuffyland Butterfly-tummy-osis (AKA jitters) Nervous about something important Stuffy, Doc
The Scrapiest Dragon Scrape-y Stomach Syndrome Scrape on belly Stuffy
Going for Broke Arm Overstretched-osis, Awesome Fever (AKA dislocated arm and arrogance) Arm comes off, eager on being awesome Awesome Guy [Both times]
Welcome to McStuffinsville 2 not mentioned, Left Behind-itis Bad wheel, ripped arm, heartbroken over being left behind Tiggley, Stanley
First Day of Med School Crackedy-leggedy-whoops, Ripped Plush-anemia, Sticky Bandage-osis Hurt leg, ripped plush and losing stuffing, sticky bandages on body Bronty, Professor Hootsburgh, Dress Up Daisy
Stuffy Gets His Scrubs Not Mentioned, The Furry-furry Stick-stucks Worried about finding your place, having a stick stuck in your fur Stuffy, Squibbles
Night Shift Not mentioned Worried that working in the nursery won't work for her Lambie
Check-Up Chilly Hyper-checkupsies (AKA hypochondria) Keeps asking for checkups you don't need Chilly
Project Nursery Makeover Not mentioned (AKA perfect health) Four healthy baby dolls Lily, Lola, Lacie, Billie
Stuffy's Ambulance Ride Not mentioned Has a very bad rip Stuffy
Made to Be a Nurse Leggy Pops, Cracked Leg Peg-osis, Rhino-twisty Legs popped off, leg having a crack in it, horn being twisted on face Leggy Leo, Riley Rhino
Rescue at the Ranch Broken Wheelatosis, Rotor Plexy Wheel fall off, rotor cracked Rusty, Rescue Ronda
CeCe's First Bath Dirty Baby-doll Syndrome Being dirty CeCe
The Most Impatient Patient Not mentioned Having a crown concussion The Wicked King
Chilly's Snow Globe Shakeup Snowman Stick-arm Un-stick Syndrome Arm falling off Coco
Hoarse Hallie Voice Kaput-aplexy (AKA voice loss) Voice being gone Hallie
A Lesson in Diagnosis Sand Scratchys, The Scratchy Sand Coughie-coughs Having sand on fur, having sand in throat Gloria, Peaches Pie
Karaoke Katie's Opening Night Stretched Arm-atude, Chargeless Chargies (AKA pulled muscle and low battery) Arm being stretched too far, not having enough charge Oooey Gablooey, Karaoke Katie
Nikki's Night in the E.R. Not mentioned, Tangly-atosis Having a crack on her side, being tied together Nikki, Dress Up Daisy and Charlie
Royal Buddies The Arm Poppies, The Deviated Buddy-ups (AKA dislocated arm and loneliness) Arm popped off, being separated from your buddy Sir Kirby (both times), The Wicked King
Bouncy House Boo Boos Happy Birthday-atosis, Hyper Bouncy-bonks Having a happy birthday, getting hurt from bouncing Boppy (both times), Stuffy, The Wicked King, Pop Up Paulo, Hazel, Chilly, Squeakers
The Best Therapy Pet Yet Not mentioned Hurt trunk Hazel
The Mayor's Speech The Stuckies Having a stutter Mayor Billington
The Lake Monster Not mentioned, Blocked Squeaker-itis Hurt claw, having your squeaker blocked Hermie, Squeakers
Chuck Learns to Look! 4 not mentioned Having fluff in tires, broken headlights, having gravel stuck in neck, not looking/being careful when crossing the street Ricardo, Officer Pete, Chuck
Birthday Party Emergency Not mentioned Legs being popped off Tarantu-Lon
Camille Gets Over The Hump Cactus-spina Tingly Dingly Having a cactus needle in hump Camille The Camel
Willow's Wonky Whiskers Wonky Whiskeritis, Internal Whiskery Prickly-itis Bent whiskers, whisker being pushed in Willow
Into the Hundred Acre Wood! Snuggle-bear Bellyitis Losing fluff from belly Winnie the Pooh
Mole Money, Mole Problems Not mentioned, Bump-a-lots (AKA clumsiness for the second one) Arm goes zig-zaggy, bumps into stuff Hilary Mole
Yip, Yip, Boom! Big Boomaphobia (AKA phonophobia) Scared of loud noises Squibbles
Get-Well Gus Gets Well Broken Wing Dings Having a broken wing Gus
Triceratops Trouble Slippy Slide-y Wheel Syndrome Having no tires on front wheels Tracy Triceratops
Hannah the Brave The Icky-Yicky Gummy Stickies Having icky, sticky gum stuck in your hair Hannah
Waddly's Huggy Overload Hoppity Horsey-itis, not mentioned Being startled, broken flipper Bonnie Blue, Waddly Penguin
Lambie Stuffy Switcharoo Not mentioned Being overwhelmed at opposite jobs Stuffy and Lambie
The Sleepwalking King Sleepwalk King-itis (AKA sleepwalking among male royalty) Walking in your sleep The Wicked King
Count Clarence's Daytime Adventure The Dino-Denties, Bat-Induced-Sleepy-Sleeps (AKA being trampled by a dinosaur and sleep deprivation) Being stomped on by a dinosaur, staying up past your bedtime Count Clarence (both times)
Dixie Gets Glued The Gooey-Gummy-Gloopy-Glues Getting glue all over yourself Dixie
Lambie and the McStuffins Babies Sticky-Stuck Stork Leg-itis, Sleepy Baby Syndrome (AKA fatigue in infants for the second one) Having leg stuck in an unnatural way, babies being tired Stuart the Stork, Baby Toys
The Emergency Plan Not mentioned (AKA unpreparedness) Not having an emergency plan and kit The Doll Family
What a Quack Backward Twisty Ducky Footsies Having your foot on backwards Quackson
First Responders to the Rescue Scaredy Scares, Bendy-leg Boo-boos, not mentioned, Leggy Pops, Peachy-Sticky-Fluffy-Stucks (AKA astraphobia, bend fracture, injured wing, dislocated leg, and dirtiness) Being scared of thunder and lightning, having your leg bent, hurt wing, legs popped off, being covering in both pie and stuffing Dev, Shinji, Stuart the Stork, Leggy Leo, Peaches Pie, Fabio, Charlie, Dolly, Morten
Mermaid in the Midfield Homesick-itis Getting a foosball foot fracture Johnny Foosball
Whole Lotta Hula Homesick-itis, The Melties Being homesick, knee melted together because of hot sun Leilani
Daisy Makes the Call Not mentioned Having blocks fallen on him Sir Kirby
Visiting Hours Not mentioned, Not mentioned Being run over by a bike, being afraid to visit a friend in the hospital Commander Crush, Star Blazer Zero
Stuffy's Wild Pet Hurt Hoof-adosis, Wild-osis (AKA hoof injury and feralness) Having a hurt hoof, being meant to be wild Both times Zane
On Call Ball Dancey-Rippies Plush ripping while dancing Stuffy
On a Roll! Not mentioned, No Ramps-atosis Having your arm broken and wheelchair busted, no ramps or rails around town Wildlife Will, McStuffinsville
Home Is Where the Fruit Is Address-A-No-Go Syndrome Not knowing your address Rocky
The Pet Rescue Team Pets
The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special Father Christmas
Toys in Space