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Theme song
(stethoscope goes off)
Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly: Hi, Doc. Good to see you.
Doc: Hi, guys!
Hallie: You're busier than a bear at a honeybee convention, what's going on?
Doc: Tonight I'm going on my first sleepover.
Stuffy: You're sleeping somewhere else?
Doc: Yup. Next door at Emmie and Alma's.
Chilly: Ooh, are you nervous?
Doc: You know, I am a little bit, but it's just for one night, and it's gonna be super fun.
Lambie: Well, better start packing. Two tiaras, three tiaras, four tiaras.
Stuffy: Aren't you packing too many tiaras?
Lambie: You can never have too many tiaras.
Chilly: You know sleeping somewhere else sounds kind of scary, but if we're with you, it'll be just like home.
Doc: Oh, guys, I'm sorry, but Mom said I can only take two friends.
Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly: Oh.
Doc: Anyway, someone has to stay here and hold down the fort.
Hallie: Hippo reporting for fort holding duty, Doc.
Doc: Thanks, Hallie.
Chilly: How will you decide who to take?
Stuffy: I say she should take everyone who's a dragon.
Lambie: Oh no. She should take everyone who looks good in a tiara.
Chilly: No, she shouldn't take squeaky things, she should take everyone who melts. (Everyone looks at him) What? I'm a shoo-in for that one.
Doc: You know, I think the fairest thing to do is... Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a tiger by his toe, if he hollers let him go, eeny meeny miny mo. I'm sorry, Squeakers and Chilly, I wish I could take everyone, but Lambie and Stuffy, would you guys come with me?
Lambie: Ooh, dream come true!
Stuffy: Yes, yes, yes! I get to go next door!
Lambie: Woo! Sleepover!
Chilly: But what if I get sick? Wait, what if I'm already sick? Doc, you gotta take my temperature.
Doc: Chilly, are you really feeling sick?
Chilly: Well, no, but what if I just miss you?
Doc: Oh, I'll miss you guys too, but I'll be back before you know it.
Chilly: So you're definitely coming back?
Doc: Of course, Chilly. You know what my mom does when she has to go away for a business trip? She gives me a picture of us together. I can look at it when I'm really missing her. So here, this is for you. Whenever you miss me, you can just look at this picture and remember I'm always near.
♪ When the one that you love feels so far away ♪
♪ No matter what ♪
♪ It will be okay ♪
♪ All you have to do ♪
♪ When you're feeling blue ♪
♪ Is picture me and you ♪
Chilly: But I'll see you tomorrow, right?
Doc: Right.
Doc: Okay, have a good night.
Hallie: Have a bundle of belly laughs, you three.
Chilly: Okay.
Stuffy: See you soon.
Chilly: See you tomorrow, early.
Mr. McStuffins: Our little girl, going on her first sleepover.
Dr. McStuffins: Oh, I can't believe it. You're gonna have a great time, sweetie, and if you need anything, we're right next door.
Doc: Thanks, Mom. I'll be fine. I have Lambie and Stuffy with me.
Mr. McStuffins: See you in the morning, Doc.
Emmie: Doc! I thought you never get here. I was like oh my gosh will she ever get here. But here but here you are!
Dr. McStuffins: Bye sweetie.
Emmie: This is gonna be best sleepover ever.
Emmie and Alma's Mom: Bye Maisha.
Emmie: I thought we start with some games, then eat dinner, and at bed time we can...Oh hehe. I'm excited can you tell?
Doc: Yeah I can. So let's get started.
Doc: Come aboard my airplane, princess.
Emmie: That's okay. I'm a flying princess.
Doc: Zoom!
(Both Doc and Emmie giggling)
Emmie: Sleepovers are so much fun. I could just scream, AH!
Doc: Me too. AH!
Emmie and Alma's Mom: Emmie, Doc, time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed.
Emmie: Okay, Mom.
Doc: Hi, Alma.
Alma: Some of my toys want to talk to you.
Doc: They do?
Alma: (as Pickles) Good night, Doc.
Doc: Oh, that kind of talk. Good night, Pickles.
(Alma giggles)
Doc: And who else do we have here? Xyla and who's this?
Alma: That's my favorite snow globe.
Doc: That reminds me of Chilly. I wonder how he's doing.
Emmie: Aw. You can't be sad at a sleepover. Hmm... I know what will cheer you up, glow in the dark stickers! My mom got them for us. Wait till you see.
Alma: Are you sad?
Doc: A little, I guess.
Alma: Well, then Pickles wants to stay with you tonight. She's really good at snuggling.
Doc: Thanks, Alma, and thanks, Pickles.
(stethoscope goes off)
Stuffy and Lambie: Oh-ho. Pickles!
Pickles: Hi, guys.
Doc: Hi, Pickles.
Lambie: Doc, are you okay?
Stuffy: Yeah, you don't seem like your usual McStuffiny self.
Doc: I'm fine, guys. Just... I don't know.
Lambie: There's something she's not telling us. Doc, we know we can always tell you anything but you know you can always tell us anything too, right?
Doc: Well, I'm having a great time but I feel a little sad I guess.
Lambie: But you've been excited about this sleepover for days.
Pickles: Maybe she's sick.
Stuffy: Let's give Doc a checkup just like she always does when we don't feel well.
Doc: You don't have to give-
Stuffy: Doc, today you're the patient.
Lambie: And we are the doctors.
Pickles: What do we do with this?
Stuffy: Watch and learn. Hmm, oh, uh, sounds pretty good.
Lambie: Oh, Stuffy, we are supposed to be checking out Doc.
Stuffy: Oh, yeah. Hmm. Uh-huh, huh, good heartbeat.
Doc: Having a checkup reminds me of my backyard clinic and home. I think I have a diagnosis, I have homesick-tosis.
Stuffy: Definitely homesick-tosis. Uh, what's that again? 'Cause, uh, Pickles isn't sure.
Doc: It's when you miss your family and friends back home.
Pickles: I've never seen Doc so sad before.
Stuffy: We need to do something like maybe-
Lambie: Uh, go stuffed.
Emmie: Check these out, Doc.
Emmie: See? Look at all the stars. There's the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper and Gemini and also... (snoring)
Lambie: Oh, Doc, I think you could use a cuddle. (Gives Doc a cuddle)
Doc: Aw, thanks, Lambie. That feels really nice.
Lambie: But you still feel sad. (Doc nods) If a Lambie cuddle doesn't work, then you know things are serious.
Stuffy: That usually helps. Oh!
Pickles: Or I could sing a song. ♪ La la la la! La la la la! ♪
Doc: Thanks for trying, guys. I'm just gonna try to get some sleep.
Lambie: Before, Chilly said he was really gonna miss, Doc, so she gave him a picture of them together.
Stuffy: Yeah, and it made him feel better.
Lambie: So we need to give Doc a picture of her with her mom and dad and all her friends.
Stuffy: Yes, yes, yes!
Stuffy: Wait, we don't have a picture.
Pickles: We can make one. Emmie keeps her crayons and papers in here.
Stuffy: Let's get drawing.
Lambie: We have something for you.
Doc: Hey, it's Mom and Dad, and everyone else from home. Seeing them all makes me feel so much better.
Lambie: We love you, Doc.
Pickles: We do.
Doc: Thanks for being such good friends.
Stuffy: Ah, it's nothin', 'cause we love you so much.
♪ When the one that you love feels so far away ♪
♪ Just close your eyes, try to picture their face ♪
♪ Beneath the night sky you can see the same stars ♪
♪ Send your lullaby to wherever they are ♪
[Stuffy, Lambie and Pickles]:
♪ When the one that you love feels so far away ♪
♪ No matter what, it will be okay ♪
♪ All I have to do when I'm feeling blue ♪
♪ Close my eyes and picture you ♪
Emmie and Alma's Mom: Morning, girls. How was your sleepover?
Doc: It was great. I slept so well.
Emmie and Alma's Mom: Pancakes.
Emmie: Mmm.
Doc: Mmm-hmm.
(knock on door)
Emmie and Alma's Mom: Come in.
Mr. McStuffins: Hi, Doc.
Dr. McStuffins: Morning, sweet pea.
Donny: Hi!
Doc: What are you doing here?
Donny: We missed you.
Mr. McStuffins: And we brought some friends.
Doc: Oh, it's really good to see you, all of you.
Dr. McStuffins: So tell us all about your night.
Emmie: It was amazing.
Doc: We had the best time. So the first thing we did was have a tea party and then we played a board game and then we...