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The Caterpillar Effect 001


When Frida the Fairy’s pet caterpillar, Sparkles, goes missing, the team searches the McStuffinsville streets for the lost little caterpillar; however, Sparkles may be closer than they think!



Frida: My pet caterpillar, Sparkles, is missing! She's the sweetest, most magical caterpillar in all of McStuffinsville, and now she's gone!
Doc: Frida, where did you see Sparkles last?
Frida: Right here. This is her favorite sparkly bed.
Doc: Hmm. It looks like Sparkles may have crawled through this hole. The Pet Rescue Team is on it!
Doc: There you are!
Lambie: It's a baa-eautiful butterfly!
Frida: But where's my little pet caterpillar? Oh, we must find her!
Doc: I think we already did. If it's what I think it is, Sparkles wasn't missing at all. She's right here.
Chilly: Where?
Doc: Sparkles is a reversible toy. She can change from a caterpillar to a butterfly and back again.


  • Toys that debut in this short: Frida's pet caterpillar, Sparkles.