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The Doc Files

The Doc Files is a spin-off series to Doc McStuffins. The series feature takes a look into Doc's keen deductive skills as she shares an in-depth look at specific cases and diagnoses after the clinic doors close for the day. The series debuted in the US on Disney Junior and Disney Channel on July 22, 2013.


Each episode opens with Doc dictating a toy patient's chart and recalling how she solved the case from allergies to splinters to the importance of healthy eating and exercise. The flashback sequences are done in 2D animation, while the beginning and end are done in CGI.

Episode Dianosis Symptoms Who got it?
Bella's Bath Filthy, Icky, Sticky Disease Never been Cleaned Bella
Boppy's Boo-Boo Deflate-a-otis Air leaking out Boppy
Chilly Willies The Dark Willies Fear of the Dark Chilly
Can't Keep a Good Hippo Down Flat-tail-itis Losing their stuffing Hallie
Gustov Gator's Gulp Gunk-inside-a-tude Gunk inside a toy Gustov
The Lamb's Exam The Dusty Musties Having dust all over Lambie
Stuffy Sticky Slippies Sticky Slippies Sticker stuck on foot Stuffy
Mr. Chomp's Chompers Stinky Salami Breath Teeth not cleaned Mr. Chomp
Ronda's Run Down Rotors No Vroom-Vroom-atosis Lack of Energy Rescue Ronda
Blurry, Blurry Night Blurry Star-itis Unable to See Aurora