Doc McStuffins Wiki
Theme song
Stuffy: I love a nice, quiet day. (Trips over a block) Course, noisy days are good, too.
Thea: Brandon, stop jumping, sweets. The baby's trying to sleep.
Brandon: But, Mom, I'm not jumping.
Edie: What's going on?
Brandon: (Giggles) The house is bouncing. Bounce, bounce.
Officer Pete: Dragon Bot, stop jumping. In the name of the law, stop jumping.
Dragon Bot: My jammer is jumped. I mean my jumper is jammed. I can't stop.
Doc: (About Dragon Bot) We have to get up his button. Hmm. Wait. I have an idea.
Stuffy: I love it when Doc has an idea.
Stuffy: For the record, I don't always love it when Doc has an idea. Like now. Not loving it now.
Brandon: Where's Mama and Gertie?
Thea: Don't worry, Brandon. We'll find them. We're a family, and families stick together.
Thea: Oh, Doc, we can't find Edie or Gertie.
Doc: Okay, don't worry. Just take a deep breath and tell me. Where's your emergency meeting place?
Thea: Emergency meeting place? We don't have one.
Doc: Oh, well, that's okay. We'll still find 'em. It's just gonna be a little harder.
Hallie: Has anyone checked the hospital?
Chilly: That is the first place I would go. And the last, and probably the middle place I'd go to.
Hallie: (To the doll family) You don't have an emergency plan, do you?
Stuffy: Truth is, I don't either.
Lambie: (Sighs) This Lambie is plan-less.
Doc: It's important to have a kit that has everything you need in case you have to leave your house quickly.
Hallie: And you wanna have a good place to meet, so if you get separated, you can find each other.
Thea: We've got clothes and shoes.
Edie: Batteries and food.
Hallie: I've got medical supplies.
Lambie: I've got extra tiaras.
Stuffy: I have my dashing good looks.
Chilly: I just packed bandages, and sterile wrap and a sling, a new winder-upper and--
Hallie: A new winder-upper? But you're not a windy-uppey toy.
Chilly: You can never be too prepared.
Doc: Edie, Thea, if there's one thing I know, it's that toys are always there for other toys who are in trouble. We're all one big McStuffinsville family.
Lambie: We sure are.