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"The First Lady and Me" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 3 episode "Doc McStuffins Goes to Washington". It is sung by Doc with Stuffy and Lambie in the background. In this song, Doc sings about traveling to Washington D.C. to meet Michelle Obama.

Doc and toys at the airplane

Dottoressa Peluche - The First Lady and Me - Music Video


<poem> Doc: I've never been so excited This doesn't happen every day Pack my toys and lab coat

Stuffy and Lambie: Don't forget your stethoscope

Doc: Take a car to a plane And practice what to say

Stuffy: Yeah!

Doc, Lambie and Stuffy: We're going to the White House In Washington, D.C. We're going to the White House

Doc: It's gonna be all about the First Lady and me When I get to the White House I wonder what I'll see

Doc, Lambie and Stuffy: The Oval Office and the Air Force One

Doc: Or the Rose Garden for tea

Lambie: Tea…

Stuffy: Tea…

Doc: With the First Lady and me