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"The Great McStuffins Meltdown" is the one hundred thirty-first episode of the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins. It premiered on March 7, 2020.


When Doc approves an upgrade to the hospital, she has no idea that the electricity the new machines use will melt the snow in the Toyarctic, endangering her Arctic friends!




  • Diagnosis:
  • This it the final hearing of the original songs "Time for Your Checkup" and "I Feel Better". And also the final episode that they were performed together.
  • Scarlet is the final character to sing the "I Feel Better" song.
  • Just like Bedazzled!, this is a long episode.
  • We learn that Mcstuffinsville runs on a power cord.
  • In this episode, “Time for your Checkup“ was sung in a robot voice, except when Lambie, Hallie, Chilly, Stuffy were singing the lines. The robot (machine) sang all of Doc’s Lines.


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