"The Itchy Blues" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 2 episode "You Crack Me Up". It is sung by Doc, Stuffy, Lambie, and Gloria Gorilla

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"You Crack Me Up" Song Doc McStuffins Disney Junior UK


<poem> Gloria: Itchy, itchy, itchy I'm really itchy Itchy, itchy, all the time It's itching so bad I really want to scratch it

Doc: It's hard but you've gotta try

Stuffy: Do what you can to keep your hands away From your itchy skin

Lambie: It'll take longer to get better And you'll itch all over again

Doc, Stuffy, and Lambie: You'll itch all over again Itchy, itchy, itchy She's so itchy

Gloria: I've got the itchy blues

Doc, Stuffy, and Lambie: No matter how bad it gets Don't you scratch it

All: Don't scratch whatever you do Don't scratch whatever you do

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