Doc McStuffins Wiki

The vet book is a vet version of the big book of boo boos. Starting from late season 2, this book was seen when Doc was an Vet for toy pets. The book in the McStuffinsville Toy hospital is a high tech tablet with a paw, and on that paw is a heart.The same appearence with the one back in the clinic.


Fetching Findo: Sandy-nose- atosis (aka having sand in your nose

Three Goats A Cuddlin: (Diagnosis was not said, but the symptoms were tangled up fur.)

A Dragon’s Best Friend: Antenna-crush-syndrome (aka a bent antenna)

Stuffy and Squibbles: Slo-mo-Squibble-oasis (aka out of energy

Demitri The Dazzling: Bunny-spring catch-on-stuff-alossitude (aka a spring that is out of place)

Smitten With A Kitten: Skittery Kitty-itis (aka scared of new home and owner)

The Search for Squibbles: Hypo-No-tag-osis (aka no tags)

Kirby’s Derby: Cracky-Wobbly Wheelie-Whoops (aka a cracked wheel that fell off)

Liv Long and Pawper:  Antenna Deficit Disorder (aka an an antenna that fell off)

Stuffy Gets His Scrubs: Furry-furry-stick-stucks (aka stick in your fur)

Yip Yip Boom: Big Boomaphobia ( aka a fear of loud noises)

Stuffy’s Wild Pet: Wlid-oasis ( aka supposed to be free; wild)