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"The Right Stuff" is the second segment of the fourth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 27, 2012.


During an adventure game, Stuffy's tail gets ripped, but he won't ask for help, and soon, it gets worse as he loses more stuffing from his tail.


Doc and the toys are playing a game of explorers outside in the backyard. While playing the game, Stuffy says that he'll prove to everyone that he's a big, brave dragon. To spy on the "lost temple"(actually a dollhouse), Doc, Stuffy, and Lambie inside the nearby bushes, but it's hard to see through the leaves. Doc suggests someone goes up higher to get a better look, and Stuffy happily volunteers. Doc throws Stuffy high into the air, to give him a better view, but as he falls, his tail gets caught in a thorn branch and it rips, tearing open the tip of his tail, and pulling a piece of stuffing out! Stuffy realizes that his stuffing is leaking out, but he worries that if he tells Doc, he wouldn't be considered a big, brave dragon anymore. He keeps it a secret to himself, and goes on with the game, trying to hold his tail closed.

Doc and Lambie plan to distract the guards (Chilly and Squeakers), while Stuffy rides a rocket sled (a skateboard) into the temple to steal the sparky balls of sparkles. Lambie is distracting Squeakers with a cuddle, Stuffy decides to try to get by Chilly and go into the lost temple to get the sparkly ball of sparkles away from The Wicked King. As he rides on the skateboard to get to the temple, the stuffing from Stuffy's tail gets caught in the axles, pulling more and more out and getting spun around the wheels until they jam and throw him off. Stuffy recovers quickly and goes up to Chilly, and when Chilly tells him that he cannot go into the lost temple Stuffy roars at him and scares Chilly so much that Chilly lets him go into the temple.

After Stuffy apologizes to Chilly for scaring him, the two enter the temple, as Stuffy's tail begins dropping stuffing on the floor. Chilly notices Stuffy's stuffing is falling out as they climb the stairs, and urges Stuffy to tell Doc, so she can help him, but Stuffy says he can't as big, brave dragons don't ask for help. He tells Chilly that he has to keep going, no matter how much stuffing he loses. He manages to take the sparky balls of sparkles, but the Wicked King catches him, and Stuffy is forced to flee with the ball, leaving Chilly behind, as more stuffing falls out of his tail. Once he makes it out of the temple, Stuffy explains to Doc and Lambie that Chilly has joined their side, and Doc decides that they have to save him. Doc will fly Stuffy over the temple, and Chilly will grab onto his tail and be pulled to safety! Stuffy quickly wants to quit the game, and Lambie decides to talk to him. She tells him how she's never seen him quit a game, and gives him a cuddle. Then, she notices Stuffy's flat tail, and tells him that he has to tell Doc, but Stuffy refuses, telling her how he doesn't want to seem like he isn't a brave dragon. Lambie tells him that everyone gets hurt, even brave dragons, and Stuffy decides to tell Doc.

Stuffy tells Doc everything, from her throwing him up into the air and him ripping, all the way to him getting the sparky balls of sparkles and running out of the temple. He was afraid to tell her because he wanted to show her that he was brave, but Lambie tells him that he was very brave to ask for help, and Doc gives him a check-up. She finds out that Stuffy is a little lighter because of his missing stuffing, and diagnoses him with bad case of "Flattail-itis", meaning that all the stuffing in his tail has fallen out. Stuffy is happy to have his own page in the Big Book of Boo-Boos, until Doc tells him that she can't fix him until she has all stuffing, and she doesn't know where it is. Luckily, Stuffy is brave enough to ask his friends for help, and even luckier, they have already found it all for him! Doc restuffs Stuffy's tail, and soon, Stuffy feels better and braver than ever! He gives a brave roar, and accidently causes Chilly to fall into a container of cotton balls, with Chilly wondering if he asks for help, does that make him brave?




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Stuffy: After all, I am a dragon and dragons are very, very brave.
Lambie: Real dragons are brave, Stuffy. But you're a stuffed dragon.
Stuffy: I'm just as brave as they are.
Lambie: As brave as a real dragon?
Stuffy: I am. I'll prove it.
Stuffy: (After his tail rips) Oh, no! My stuffing is leaking out.
Doc: Stuffy, are you OK?
Stuffy: Of course I'm OK. Why wouldn't I be okay?
Doc, Stuffy and Lambie: We'll search through ocean, sky or cave. Adventurers are very brave.
Chilly: Halt! You can't go into the lost temple.
Stuffy: Roar!
Chilly: Oh, OK! OK, just go in already. Whew, that was scary, Stuffy.
Stuffy: That's how we dragons do it. And sorry I scared you, Chilly.
Chilly: Oh, it's okay. I get scared of lots of things.
Lambie: Ooh! Stuffy, you lost all of the stuffing out of your tail. You have to tell Doc.
Stuffy: Lambie, I can't. Brave dragons don't go running for help every time they get a boo-boo.
Lambie: Oh, Stuffy! Even brave dragons need help sometimes.
Stuffy: Doc, I think there might be something wrong with my tail.
Doc: (Looks at Stuffy's tail) Oh, Stuffy, what happened?
Stuffy: Well... You threw me up super high, and then, rip, my tail catches on a branch. And stuffing was falling out, and I held my tail shut. And then I got on the skateboard, but the stuffing got in the wheels, and then I went, "whoo! whoa! wham!" And then I roared at Chilly, and he said, [imitating Chilly] "Your stuffing's falling out," [regular voice] but I was a brave dragon and got the sparkly ball of sparkles. But the king put a spell on us and, "zing, zing!" And then I came out here, and... [breathing heavily] and my tail was all flat.
Doc: But why didn't you tell me?
Stuffy: I guess I was afraid to. I wanted you to think that I was a big, brave dragon.
Doc: You are brave. It's very brave to ask for help.
Lambie: That's what I told him.


  • Diagnosis: Flattail-itis.
  • Toys that debut in this episode: The Wicked King.
  • In this episode, Lambie was on 2 legs in 4 scenes.
  • Lambie also sings "Everyone Gets Hurt Sometimes" in the Doc Files episode "Can't Keep a Good Hippo Down".
  • The events of this episode are referenced in Frida Fairy Flies Again.
  • As of this episode, Stuffy has a scar on his tail from when he tore, although it isn’t seen.
  • This is the first episode where one of the main toys needs a checkup, in this case, it's Stuffy.