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Theme song
Mr. McStuffins: Hi, Doc.
Doc: Hi, dad. Ooh! Can I borrow this? It's the perfect hat for the famous adventurer, Doc McStuffins!
Mr. McStuffins: Watch out for danger while you're out adventuring.
Doc: Adventurers aren't scared of danger. Oh! Hee hee!
[Mr. McStuffins chuckles]
Doc: Here you go.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Lambie: Baa! Hee hee!
Stuffy: Ha ha ha!
Chilly: Ho ho!
The Wicked King: Ha ha!
Doc: Who here is brave enough to join world famous adventurer Doc McStuffins in her adventure to get the sparkly ball of sparkles back from The Wicked King?
Lambie: Oh, I am, Doc! It sounds baa-rilliant.
Stuffy: Me, too! After all, I am a dragon and dragons are very, very brave.
Lambie: Real dragons are brave, Stuffy. But you're a stuffed dragon.
Stuffy: I'm just as brave as they are.
Lambie: As brave as a real dragon?
Stuffy: I am. I'll prove it.
Doc: I'll need both of you to be brave adventurers today.
Doc: OK, the king is keeping the sparkly ball of sparkles over there in the lost temple. We need to get it back.
Lambie: [Sighs] I can't see through these leaves.
Doc: You're right. Someone needs to go up higher for a better look.
Stuffy: Oh! Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!
Doc: Thanks for volunteering, Stuffy. That's very brave. 1, 2, 3. Up!
Stuffy: Whoa! Whoa!
Emily: Stuffy! Danger would not stop you!
Stuffy: Oh! Oh, no! My stuffing is leaking out.
Doc: Stuffy, are you OK?
Stuffy: Of course I'm OK. Why wouldn't I be OK?
Lambie: Did you see anything from up there?
Stuffy: Yeah! There's a squeaky fish and snowman guarding the lost temple.
Doc: They must be working for The Wicked King. Great job, Stuffy!
[Stuffy roars]
Doc: Roar-rrr!
[Stuffy and Lambie laugh]
Doc: OK, here's the plan. Lambie and I will distract the guards.
Lambie: Baa-rilliant!
Doc: And I need a volunteer to rise this rocket sled to the temple. It's so fast, they'll never be able to see you.
Stuffy: I'll do it. Dragons are great at riding rocket sleds. Vroom!
Doc: And are you brave enough to face The Wicked King?
Stuffy: Um, I think I am.
Doc: Great! Let's give the adventurer oath.
Doc, Stuffy and Lambie: We'll search through ocean, sky, or cave. Adventurers are very brave.
Doc: Lambie, let's distract the guards.
Lambie: Whoo-hoo!
Doc: Yoo-hoo! Over here.
Lambie: Baa!
Doc: Whoo!
Lambie: Baa!
Chilly: Sounds like something very scary's going on over there. I think you better check it out.
Lambie: Hi, Squeakers. You look like you could use a cuddle.
Doc: Nothing's more distracting than a good cuddle.
Stuffy: Uh-oh. Looks like there's still one guard left. This will be my chance to show just how brave I am! UH! Uh! Uh! Roar! Oh, no. Aah!
Doc: Stuffy, what happened?
Stuffy: What? Oh! Nothing a dragon can't handle.
Doc: Hee hee! Now go find that sparkly ball of sparkles.
Chilly: Halt! You can't go into the lost temple.
Stuffy: Roar!
Chilly: Oh, OK! OK, just go in already. Whew. That was scary, Stuffy.
Stuffy: That's how we dragons do it. And sorry I scared you, Chilly.
Chilly: Oh, it's OK. I get scared of lots of things.
Stuffy: [Whispering] Chilly, what are you doing?
Chilly: It's scary guarding the temple. I'd rather be with a big, brave dragon. So can I come with you?
Stuffy: OK. But be quiet. We don't want The Wicked King to hear us.
Chilly: Wicked king? There's a wicked--
Stuffy: Shh!
Chilly: [Whispering] Oh, right. Shh. Gotcha. Stuffy, your stuffing! It's falling out. Oh, you'd better tell Doc. She can help you.
Stuffy: Shh! Chilly, I can't tell Doc. I have to show everyone I'm a big, brave dragon. And big, brave dragons don't ask for help.
Chilly: Whew. It's a good thing I'm not a dragon. I'm always asking for help.
Stuffy: I have to keep going, no matter how much stuffing I lose. Ooh.
Chilly: Oh, what is it?
Stuffy: The sparkly ball of sparkles! Doc, I got it! The sparkly ball of sparkles!
Doc: He did it! I knew he would. Way to go, Stuffy.
Stuffy: Ha ha ha!
The Wicked King: Halt there.
Stuffy: Aah!
The Wicked King: Dragon, you can't take that treasure, because I am the king and I am protecting it with a magic spell.
Chilly: Aah! A magic spell!
The Wicked King: Zing! Zing-zing! Zing! Zing-zing!
Stuffy: Yipe!
Chilly: Ooh! I don't think I like magic spells from wicked kings.
Stuffy: [Breathing heavily] Oh, no. More stuffing.
The Wicked King: Zing! Zing-zing...zing! Zing-zing!
Lambie: Run, Stuffy! Run!
Stuffy: But Chilly joined our side, and he's still in there.
Doc: Well, then we have to save him! Stuffy, I'll fly you over, and Chilly can grab on to your tail.
Stuffy: M-M-My tail? know, I'm sure Chilly will be fine.
Chilly: No, I won't! Save me! Save me!
Stuffy: But why doesn't Lambie save him?
Lambie: Because you're the brave dragon.
Stuffy: I...I don't think I want to play anymore.
Doc: But, Stuffy, you love being a brave adventurer.
Lambie: Let me talk to him, Doc, stuffed animal to stuffed animal. Maybe he just needs a cuddle.
Doc: OK, Lambie, I know your cuddles always makes me feel better.
Lambie: Oh, what's the matter, Stuffy? I've never seen you quit a game before. Do you need a cuddle? Ooh! Stuffy, you lost all of the stuffing out of your tail. You have to tell Doc.
Stuffy: Lambie, I can't. Brave dragons don't go running for help every time they get a boo-boo.
Lambie: Oh, Stuffy! Even brave dragons need help sometimes.
Stuffy: They do?
Lambie: Uh-huh.
♪ Everyone gets hurt sometimes ♪
♪ It's OK to tell ♪
♪ You don't have to hide ♪
♪ Person or dragon ♪
♪ Tiny or tall ♪
♪ Sometimes we tumble, and sometimes we fall ♪
♪ Everyone gets hurt sometimes ♪
♪ As brave as you are ♪
♪ I still get broken parts ♪
♪ It'll just make you stronger inside ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Everyone gets hurt sometimes ♪
Stuffy: You're right, Lambie. I'm gonna go see Doc.
Lambie: Now, that's my brave dragon.
Stuffy: Yeah! I'm a brave dragon.
Lambie: Very brave.
Stuffy: Whoa! Whoa! Uh!
Doc: Stuffy?
Stuffy: Doc, I think there might be something wrong with my tail.
Doc: Ooh, Stuffy, what happened?
Stuffy: Well... You threw me up super high, and then, rip, my tail catches on a branch. And stuffing was falling out, and I held my tail shut. And then I got on the skateboard, but the stuffing got in the wheels, and then I went, "whoo! whoa! wham!" And then I roared at Chilly, and he said, [imitating Chilly] "Your stuffing's falling out," [regular voice] but I was a brave dragon and got the sparkly ball of sparkles. But the king put a spell on us and, "zing, zing!" And then I came out here, and... [breathing heavily] and my tail was all flat.
Doc: But why didn't you tell me?
Stuffy: I guess I was afraid to. I wanted you to think that I was a big, brave dragon.
Doc: You are brave. It's very brave to ask for help.
Lambie: That's what I told him.
Doc: Come on. Let's get you a checkup! The doc is in.
Doc: OK, Stuffy, step onto the scale for me, please. Hmm. You're a little lighter than usual, but that makes sense.
Stuffy: Because of my missing stuffing?
Doc: Exactly. Now let me check you with my stethoscope. Could you take a deep breath for me?
[Stuffy inhales]
Doc: Good. Now breathe out.
[Stuffy exhales]
Doc: Your breathing sounds good. Now let's check your heart.
[Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub]
Doc: Stuffy, your heartbeat sounds good. You have a very brave heart.
Stuffy: [Chuckles] Thanks.
Doc: But your tail sounds a little flat. I have a diagnosis. You have a bad case of Flattail-itis.
Stuffy: Wow! My own page in "the big book of boo-boos." It's almost worth losing all my stuffing, especially 'cause I know you can fix it, Doc.
[Doc gulps]
Stuffy: You can fix it, right?
Doc: There's one problem. I don't know where all your stuffing is. And I can't fix you without it.
Stuffy: Hmm. Well, now that I know I can ask for help and still be brave, maybe I should ask my friends to help me find my stuffing.
Lambie: No need to ask, Stuffy.
Hallie: Here you go, Stuffy.
Chilly: Look what we brought you!
Lambie: Of course we found it!
Stuffy: Oh, you guys are the best.
Stuffy: Ooh! That feels better already.
Doc: There you go, Stuffy. Good as new.
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ Didn't feel so good ♪
♪ Till you fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
Ha ha!
♪ And I feel better ♪
♪ So much better now ♪
Stuffy: Now that my tail is better, I feel braver than ever. Roar-rrr!
[Chilly shudders]
Doc: Chilly?
Chilly: If I ask for help, does that mean I'm brave?
[Everyone laughs]